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Special Edition:
Halloween Edition

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This Issue is Under A Clean Sheet with Two Holes • #46

HP’s Guide to Proper Scare Tactics in the Arena.


By: GodHairplug4men 

As many of you know I'm an arena addict, I was the first god with Honored Invincible and currently hold the most number of wins in Godville. But what many of you may not know (except maybe those few who were wise enough to figure it out themselves, who I'm sure are very few) is that I have often used some special tactics to get myself here. But since I'm always looking for a better fight, and also because i've been receiving too many death threats, I am now willing to reveal a few of my tricks of the trade.

Godville lag. Many people experience this in many different ways but it can be used for your advantage. Are you facing a tough opponent? Someone who is high up on a pantheon? Friend them when you get to step 4. Send them a message of good luck and well wishes. Every time you send a message to some people there are alerts going off and they distracts them and make them look away from the fight. And with some people using Android devices, it can even lag their phone causing them to miss a turn. Just make sure this technique doesn't backfire on you, it requires much focus.

Small talk voice commands. This little trick is one of my favorites, it requires you to research your opponent even if just so slightly as to understand and make fun of their name. Make sure you are using proper voice commands and not mixing them when doing this but if you can distract them long enough to type out their own brand new voice command to come back at you they could possibly miss the turn as a result of writing for way too long.

Lying! This one you can have fun with. Especially with a disgusting worthless no good goody goody. Tell people you're in for a pet res, put it in your motto that you have no GP left, or an insider tip put this little ® thing in your motto and get an afk who might be willing to lay down and die for your cause of success. Don't feel bad about it, all is fair in love and war and arena.

In the end the most important thing and what I love the most about this game, is to be proud of what you have accomplished, love what you do, and make sure people remember your name. If that means destroying every one of them to do it, then what must be must be. There are alot more on my list, but you obviously cant expect me to reveal them all.

Since I haven't yet retired from the arena, and don't plan to anytime soon.

Finally, the intellectually challenging will not understand this line.

Over the Moon

This week’s quiz:
  1. This guy hollowed out a turnip.
  2. On some years around Halloween, this new monster appears.
  3. In this zombie film, the protagonist tackles the question of Pepsi vs Coke.
  4. One afternoon, zombie Zeerty made a large number of pumpkin pies for his Halloween party the following day. He left them to cool overnight. During the night his zombie brother came downstairs and divided the pumpkin pies into four equal piles with one left over, which he ate. He also ate one of the four piles, then went back to bed.Later on, Zombie Zeerty's sister came downstairs and again divided the pumpkin pies into four equal piles with one left over, which she ate. She also ate one of her four piles and returned to bed. In the morning, Zombie Zeerty found 60 pies left. This is the number he had made.
Games and winners and prizes! Oh, my!

Who will be our first contestant in this month’s championship? It could be you! See you in the forum!

How to play:
1. Your “answers” must be in question form (a-la Jeopardy!) and submitted via the Harvest Moon Forum. Answers only, please! Don’t give away the questions to non-WH readers.
2. The first god/dess to get all questions right (or with the most correct) will win four (4) charges!!

Upcoming Events

This new section of the Weekly Harvest details fun and cheap events for your entire guild.
  1. The undead are schedule to have brain fest on 10 November, so there is higher than expected demand for Bella's special hot sauce made from Thai chilies. Please make sure you stock up on hot sauce before next week.
  2. The Weekly Harvest is expected to be published soon. If this line is in the paper, then the paper has been published
  3. Starting December 1, the sun will be completely blocked out in all of Godville. This is a fact because it was published on a Facebook feed.

Get to Know a Deity

Infrared imaging by Godville Space Agency shows the true blueness of Keleios
GodStrawberry Ice Cream  sat down with our beloved GodKeleios  to get a little inside her fur.
  • SIC: Let's start the interview by getting to know you. How would you describe your cat?
  • K: My kitty is furry and sparkly. Can't find it? Look up in the rafters where she tends to lurk.. waiting for a chance to glitter. (Comment from the DANgerzone79) Don't look up she'll get glitter in your eye!
  • SIC: What does keleios have for breakfast on Halloween?
  • K: The souls of whoever made up these questions
  • SIC: Where can I buy my own keleios motto?
  • K: Keleios™ mottos are controlled by The great big sparkly cat in the sky, you'll have to ask her. Bring something to bribe her with. Wood is preferred
  • SIC: Stealing candy from babies is one of my career options, now that i am graduating. What advice would you give me?
  • K: Slap the candy out of their hands, and quench your thirst on the river of tears. Or just buy it from the store, so much easier. Or better yet, just worship me. I'll pay in candy.
  • SIC: What is your cat's favourite halloween treat?
  • K: Failed Keleios™ Mottos. Or lamb. Or any kind of food. If its not nailed down....
  • SIC: What is keleios dressing up as, this halloween?
  • K: Why, Keleios does not dress up as OTHERS, Others dress up as Keleios!!!

The Weekly Harvest would like to say a big “Thank you!” to GodStrawberry Ice Cream  for being promoted to lead interviewer. You will be our Fresh Air from WHYY

Get to Know a New Temple Owner

When we think of the past it's the beautiful things we pick out.
GodStrawberry Ice Cream  sat down again (she's doing a lot of sitting lately) with one of the newest temple owners in Godville: GodTikiri Menike 
  • SIC: What is your hero's best skill this Halloween?
  • TM: Hmmm... trick or treating and getting killed!
  • SIC: Name something you and your hero have in common?
  • TM: Oh! We are always looking for innovative ways to spend money!
  • SIC: If you could swap heroes with another deity, with whom would it be and why?
  • TM: With GodKeleios ! Her hero seems to behave very well and does what she wants. She definitely has her hero wrapped around her pinkie and what more? She has an ark too! And if can swap heroes like this, then i want to be able to swap pets too :P
  • SIC: If your hero was a scary pumpkin, what would the carved face look like?
  • TM: It would be a mean cat with a bloody mouse in his jaw :D
  • SIC: What is your hero dressing up as, this Halloween?
  • TM: Die 48 hours before Halloween, wake up by himself and voila! The aura of spookiness will do the trick:P


Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.

WANTED: Halloween decorations. See Dr. Frank to donate. All donaters will be -hung up and- greatly admired. Recruits for zombie army needed. Great pay guaranteed for life.

WANTED: Something that looks like it came from a Ouija board.

BEGGING: Need gold to tip Bella to clean up my domicile for Halloween.

NEEDED: Vengence needed. Contact Alice through your local medium for more details.

SALE: Stingy Jack's half off pumpkins buy 1 get 1 free, now for only one gold piece. Contact Jack of the lantern.

Special Announcements

Happy Birth Day
The Weekly Harvest wants to wish a very Happy 116th Birth Day to GodStrawberry Ice Cream . Today, 31 October, is SIC's 116th day since birth. We will be having a party at her roofless temple. Please join us again tomorrow to celebrate her 117th Birth Day.

It’ll be raining men… and women. Raining heroes in general, really.

Special Thanks to our Special Edition staff: Bellatrixie the Strange, Doctor Frank-n-Furter, Hairplug4men, LHR Bad Karma and Vorpal.
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