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This week’s featured topic: How to speak GV

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An offer you can’t refuse. #28

Learn the Lingo: Godville for Beginners

Learn to speak GV in 5 easy lessons!
GV Acronyms and Abbreviations

You're hanging out in the GC and someone posts a diary entry. Someone says, "GC that!" Umm... They just did, right?

You're having a chat with a buddy and this sentence stumps you: "My bf, he's a BF, just lost due to a BF. TGR hates him today."

We tend to use a lot of acronyms and abbreviations around GV (Godville) and it can get confusing! There's game-specific ones and ones we use IRL (in real life) that end up here as well. Rule #1: If you don't know, ask! Unlike fight club, we love to talk about GV. Here's some examples of commonly-used acronyms to get you started:

  • AB: Awkwardly Bouncing - A Punish backfire which harms only the sender.
  • AC: IRL = Air Conditioning; in GV = Action Count (number of Actions/Influences remaining in a spar, skirmish, or arena duel)
  • AL: Action Lock (purposefully using fewer Actions than one's opponent to reduce his/her Action Count to 0)
  • BF: IRL = Boy Friend or Best Friend; in GV = Backfire (when an Action goes awry, and mis-targets its effects to the wrong hero, or to both or neither of the combatants equally) OR Blue Feather (the guild or one one of its members)
  • GC: Guild Council (check it out and chat with your guild mates!) OR Grammar Correct (correct grammar you see in game for gratitude points)
  • GP: Godpower (use 50% to Miracle, 25% to Encourage or Punish, 5% to send a Voice Command)
  • HM: Harvest Moon (most guilds have an acronym they’ll use instead of spelling out their guild name, BF, KWSN, StA, sS, etc. Again, if you don’t know, ask!)
  • HP: Health points (not to be confused with GodHairplug4men  frequently referred to as HP or Hp4m)
  • IM: Imprecise Master/Mistress (encourage backfire which heals only the opponent's hero, and not the sender - not to be confused GodImprecise Master  and his hero Awkwardly Bouncing, often called IM/AB)
  • TGR: The Great Random (Godville's random number generator which has a hand in basically everything in this game to some extent)
  • VC: Voice Command (also known as Godvoices or the voice of god; can be seen as “random shouts” by other players)

Let’s use some in a sentence! If you hope to get HP down to 1 hp in a duel, you might try for an AL, but look out for the AB! He’s a savvy fighter, so he’ll be watching his AC but if TGR is with you, anything is possible! Keep up the VCs and count your actions. Don’t try to AL if you’re due a BF. See? Simple! You’ll be speaking fluent GV-ese in no time!

Member of the Week

Pfft! She ain’t no angel!
Get to know a member of Harvest Moon! This week's guest is: GodMandarus 
  • Q: How did you choose HM?
  • A: Well, I've always been rather fond of the concept of royalty, so when I saw a guild named Her Majesty I...What? Really??? Oh, that's quite embarrassing. As I was saying, I've always been rather fond of farming, so when I saw a guild called Harvest Moon...Now what??? Really?!?!?!? Oh my. As I was saying, I've always been rather fond of evil.
  • Q: Where does your hero hide his coin purse?
  • A: Sven would rather I not talk about that. Shall we say, he's a little sore about that.
  • Q: Sven?
  • A: His pet Heffalump.
  • Q: I see. Moving right along, may I ask what you and your hero have in common?
  • A: Our mutual admiration of me.
  • Q: What advice would you give a young player?
  • A: Don't.
  • Q: Don't what?
  • A: Don't play. It leaves more monsters for my Rinkitink to fight, and more treasure for him to loot in my honor. So just 'Don't'.
  • Q: What toppings do you like on your kitten sammiches?
  • A: I don't do sammiches. I eat them whole, alive and meowing pitifully. The more pitiful, the better.
  • Q: Where would your hero go on their first date...assuming he ever gets one?
  • A: They'd come to my bedroom, and then he'd leave. Immediately.
  • Q: What's your favorite voice command?
  • A: Heal, it saves me from constantly having to heal the idiot if he does it himself.
  • Q: What's the best game advice you've gotten from another player?
  • A: Don't do interviews.

If you have a burning question for Harvest Moon's Deities, please submit them to the staff. Thank you!

Special Announcements

Happy Evil Day to GodCeccetticat ! She celebrated her 666th day in Godville on May 10 (day 1097 g.e.). May we all play long enough to be so evil!

Let one of the paper staff know if you're working towards your 1st-rank Coach achievement. We'll be publishing a list next week so all of our readers can help you get there!

Famous HM Heroes This Week

#848 GODVILLE TIMES Day 1094 g.e.
Jaaden – 95th-level adventurer, member of the “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “…Join Harvest Moon! ☾”, stands at the 17th position in the pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the god GodSyrocko . He thinks that a Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger slow roasted in its own juices is one of the finest delicacies that Tradeburg has to offer.

Tournament Updates

Whose cuisine hero/ine will reign supreme?

Aaaand we've got the winners of our bloody, Summer No-Influence Tournament!

Our winner this time is drum rollGodMagic Merlin !

2nd place goes to GodEtna , 3rd to GodMike Hunter  and 4th to GodRDS ! Congratulations to you all! For your prizes, please contact GodHairplug4men , GodDomerthos  or GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  to let us know how you’d like your winnings distributed.

We’d like to thank all of our competitors for playing. We hope you all had fun in this tournament and hope to see you in the next one, too!


Selling Evil Since Day 898 g.e.

FOR SALE: One troll in a bottle. He’ll annoy you the right way. Call DARE-YOU for details.

FREE: Halloween pumpkin. A little deflated, a bit rotten, but it’s still good! Stop by the stoop behind the trader’s hut in Beerburgh.

WANTED: Tranquilizer gun. Deliver it to the person standing in the shadows next to the bear trap in front of Ceccetticat’s temple.

FOR SALE: Money clippers. Give your gold a manicure! Perfect for trimming those pointy brick edges. Visit any Buy Sell Trade location today!

FOR SALE: Dyslexic cow. Produces milk backwards. Only tastes a little funny. Call 555-OOOM

WANTED: Shadeless lamp to provide its designated function unhindered. Call INT-ERO-GATE with info,

NEW: and improved? Colon Blow 2000. Made by Belt, for Belt, from Belt. Call Belt!

WANTED: Vial of sleeping dust. Serious victims dealers only. Call HUN-GRY1 for directions.

Doctor Frank's Advice Corner

An evil queen
Dear Dr. Frank,

I'm ashamed to write to you, but I think I am out of options. I am in one of the top Bright guilds and I am in love with the god of a “pure evil!” hero. Before now, I couldn’t ever imagine loving a god who often has blood flowing from his lips and decorates with kitten skeletons. How can I be sure he didn’t use evil forces to make me love him?

Signed, Vexed or hexed?

Dearest Mom of the goodie-goody dating my guild mate,

Yes, let’s drop the facade. If your daughter were concerned, she’d have just asked me when she came over to the guild hall for dinner the other night (she brought her own food for some reason). So, your baby girl fell for a bad boy - it’s not the end of the world! (Yet. We’ve scheduled it a few times but keep getting distracted.) She doesn’t suddenly like his decorating style, she’s not tossing Punishes around, and she can’t even do a good “Muahahaha!” without coughing and giggling about it afterwards. If there were “evil forces” involved, rest assured, he’d have fixed one or two other things as well (we’ve asked him to, he refuses).

We were concerned when she started hanging around, too. Seeing him smile was just plain creepy. Some who were convinced she’d charmed him with white magic of some kind (and others were hoping he’d finally brush his teeth if he was going to show them off). Everyone soon realized that he was just as evil as ever and she was still as good as she’d ever been, so we chalked it up to “opposites attract” and let it go.

Speaking of opposites, I heard her mom was quite a looker. Stop on by the guild hall sometime and I’ll give you a personal tour.


~Dr. Frank

Over the Moon

You can’t win if you don’t play!
The Weekly Harvest Quiz

How to play:

  • Each week, there will be four “questions” posted here (and only here) in the Weekly Harvest. Answers to the questions can be found in the wiki, on the HM web site, in the forums or will be math/logic-based.
  • Your “answers” must be in question form (a-la Jeopardy!).
  • Answers must be submitted via the Harvest Moon Forum. Answers only, please! Don’t give away the questions to non-WH readers.
  • The first god/dess to get all four questions right will win four (4) charges and be automatically entered to play in the Over the Moon Championship, held monthly on Palringo (yes, you’ll need to join Pal to play).
  • The winner of the OtM Championship (to be based on a different game show each month) will receive 45 charges!!

This week’s Answers:

  1. This contributes approximately 40% of the calories in cow's milk.
  2. This type of closet can accept #1 and #2 items.
  3. This is the amount of Godpower a hero's god has immediately after leaving town after being resurrected in ZPG mode.
  4. This is the number of unique gods mentioned in today's paper.

This starts the next round towards the next Over the Moon Challenge game show. Good luck to everyone! See you in the forum!

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