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Changing this redirect

Since the Pantheon of greed is no longer part of the game, I think it's a bit unfair to the members of Greed (guild) to have this set to redirect there, since they actually are a part of the game.

There's already a {{For}} message at the top of the greed guild page, so in fact I don't even think we need a Disambiguation page. Seems to me that this should simply point to their guild page, so that when they got the link to their wiki page from their guild page, they actually find it. I suspect that right now most of them believe they can't have one.

If anyone objects, feel free to undo and explain, but I'm going to go ahead and change the respect for now, assuming nobody feels really strongly about the Pantheon of Greed! -- Djonni (talk) 19:08, 24 November 2019 (UTC)