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I can feel the original purpose of this page was to have kind of an introduction to the GodWiki.

But reading it again and again makes me thinks : "Damn, that page is totally useless." But having it in the side bar of the GodWiki means we have to keep it polished one way or another, meaning we need to find a way to have useful information there, when a short introduction of the GodWiki is already on the Main Page and Content creation related informations are in the Creators Manual.

Saying things like "Guilds are in the Category:Guild" sound a little like taking players for idiots, no matter polished it is written in the article at this moment.

I guess we could still make a dumb intro with things like like :

  • "Main page is the first page where you landed on"
  • "Your personnal page, which only you can edit, is User:Yournamehere "
  • "Learn how to write an article in the Creators Manual!"

But that doesn't sound really better that which is currently on the page. Another possibility could be to place Creators Manual to this page but that's highly debatable i think. Thoughts? --WardPhoenix (talk) 13:43, 29 April 2019 (UTC)


Welcome again to the GodWiki, written by Gods and Goddesses for Gods and Goddesses. This page serves as a global introduction on the GodWiki structure. Any of you can contribute to the GodWiki once your champion have reach the level 15.

Your divine name, displayed on the top of the screen on desktop or on the bottom on mobile view, link you to your user page usually named User:YourName. This user page is a special page only you and yourself can edit, and the associated talk page allow you to receive notifications when someone leave you a message in the said talk page.

On the GodWiki, all articles are and must be categorized. This allow for a classification that allow us to retrieve an article the easy way. As exemple, any monster article is classified under the Category:Monsters.

rules here