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Opening a talk page to avoid another after-it-was-done discussion.

Looks like we have one another issue of a name both repertoried as artifact and equipment in omnibus and standard lists. Search on forums seems to mention both (sorry for upcoming formating)

!Ursina in 2015
06:04 PM While I was sitting peacefully, proudly wearing my finest attire, another hero handed me a friendship bracelet, saying that my need of it was greater than his.

This diary entry may suggest an equipment or am I wrong?

!Vrach in 2015
13:03 Notes from the dungeon: The heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Auliya gets 10103 gold coins, a log for the ark, a Tesla coil, a parallel universe navigator, a friendship bracelet, a hell pass and a praystation. Goddy99 left unconscious. Those who missed the plunder are given 3419 coins in total as a consolation prize.

Totally confirm the activatable artifact.


--WardPhoenix (talk) 13:55, 13 February 2019 (UTC)