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Please do not delete this article! Wikipedia has correctly determined that it contains no useful information. However, what Wikipedia does not seem to understand is that this is not a normal Wikipedia article, this is Godwiki, the entire point of which is quite obviously that it has absolutely no point! This article does not deserve to be deleted for perfectly matching the Godwiki's criteria. Whoever wrote it was simply putting in a short quip about the artifact which gives no information on what the artifact does since it is a normal artifact, and as such, does absolutely nothing. In my opinion, nondescript, useless quips like this are exactly what should be written about nondescript, useless artifacts, so this article is serving its purpose perfectly, and should not be deleted.

I like this argument, it was actually kind of fun to read someone's view of a random artifact like that and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more such descriptions. It adds flavor. --Con 01:58, 12 June 2011 (UTC)

The firefox tail page cannot be deleted!

People can try to make it better or it can remain the same but it can't be deleted because I'm sure just like this one Godville has deleted pages and new people are confused or think they will be rich (on Godville of course) or something because they got something not on Godwiki. Something similar happened to me.So please keep the page titled firefox tail.