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A unique experience; As told by a drunken hero regarding his pet firefox-- Fact or decide !

   The slurred and belch ridden story goes as this : The hero insists there was a time when pets could actually die . Ignoring the 

scoffing of the fellow tavern patrons, he pointed to his firefox and stated that the creature ( named Scrat ), was his proof ! He then told his fellows that the critter had been killed in battle, but the hero knew in his heart that " love could create barnacles ", ( storytellers now agree that he meant to say " miracles ", as much testing had shown that barnacles indeed NEVER resulted from love...except between barnacles, of course ) and acting swiftly, was able to find a healer of great mystical healing chakra who was able to revive the quite deceased firefox. He then made a rather odd statement, saying that there is a very well kept secret way to tell how old a firefox is...then asked everyone to guess how old the critter was. Due to it's youthful appearance, the patrons settled on it's age being about 2 months. The hero then produced proper documentation showing Scrat to be well over 5 MONTHS ! ( in firefox years, this would be equal to the difference between a pup and an adult ! ) The hero then said that soon after, pets became immortal ( again blaming it on " the barnacle of love " between Scrat and himself ), and that he had no intention of ever letting his " pet registration " expire--hence ensuring Scrats' immortality. He then promptly passed out in his gruel...leaving his coin purse unguarded. The legend finishes with the entire taverns occupants, save one ( the only one not to try to take the heros' coins ) being slain by the protective and loving pet...