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Thx for that backlink on our page!

Do you know how I could use some fonts like Joker etc..? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Celestial Bunny (talkcontribs) 8 September 2019

Hey, I thought I'd move this here, as Talk:Djonni shouldn't be used for anything but the #REDIRECT. :) However, you should certainly feel free to use User talk:Djonni to get in touch with me about anything! Also, it's very helpful to sign your messages on talk pages (but only on talk pages) by adding -- ~~~~ to the end. (That's four ~ tilde characters in a row.)
Using different fonts on the wiki is possible, but it is:
  • Not especially easy, and
  • Not especially wise.
It's really easy, when you use fancy fonts on the web, to make it difficult or impossible for some users to read it, if they are vision impaired in some way or are using mobile devices or browsers that don't handle fonts well. But, if you would like to try, you'll need to learn a bit of HTML and CSS. Specifically, you'll need to use <span style="font-family: font-family;">Text goes here</span> to set a font for specific sections of text. You'll find some information here, here, and here.
You're very welcome to do anything you like with guild pages, nobody but your guild will be bothered by it, but do remember that there are very good reasons why simple, easy-to-read fonts are used here, and everywhere! :)
Another thing I've noticed is that you're saving and editing the page a lot, with small changes and adjustments each time. Again, that's not a big deal, you're perfectly welcome to do that. But it does show that you're probably not using the "Show preview" option when you're editing, which, honestly, is super duper handy. Personally, I'd try to use "Show preview" most of the time, and just hit "Save page" when I was done with the changes I was making. Again, though, it's no problem doing it however makes sense to you! :) -- Djonni (talk) 11:17, 8 September 2019 (UTC)