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Dig Monster Baseball

Players: Two teams of 2-4 players Object: Score the most runs in nine innings.

How: Two teams agree to dig together and against each other. Each boss that two or more team mates dig begins an "inning" for the digging team. A team scores a "run" by having one player land a successful influence and a successful VC on a successful attacking round. The VCs and influences can be of any sort, so long as they have exactly the intended effect (no back- or mis-fires). There is no limit to the number of runs scour able in an inning. Whatever team has the most runs after nine innings for each team (or more, if a tie persists) wins.

Rule: There are no partial runs-- no loading bases.

Exceptions: Innings may be postponed for inclement weather (deafening boss or faithless-leeching boss) and spectator interference (number of non-players in on the field equals or exceeds the number of players on the field in a given inning), but postponement must be made publicly before the third "pitch" (attacking round).

Game One -- Will figure out how to do up an inning score table.