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Gidday. I like your page. Very informative. I have created a few of those missing Wiki pages such as Quest_randomizer and Social_network_adapter. Do you want me to have a bash at Attempt_to_believe_it's_not_butter ? Si. --SiTheSuperior (talk) 08:25, 19 June 2013 (BST)

guide to external duel log hosting

This is a way to do it. There must be others just this works (for now). I am on windows (8). I use firefox and notepad++ (it has find and replace and highlights html syntax).

You will be saving files to your computer. Give them a home; make a new folder for them. Open a recent duel log. Right clic anywhere and select save page. The filename should be unique and without spaces. type should be webpage complete.

Open the (htm) file with a text editor and find and replace all [filename]/ with com/.

Set up for an account at . user name will be the subdomain prefix at bytehost. (fredflintstone → No not install a script. You should not get spam sent to your email.

The email should contain information at the bottom like:

     Cpanel Username:        b4_13469256
             Cpanel Password:        123abc
             Your URL:     or
         FTP Server :  
             FTP Login :            b4_13469256
             FTP Password :          ATatATat
             MySQL Database Name:    MUST CREATE IN CPANEL
             MySQL Username :        b4_13469256
             MySQL Password :        123abc
             MySQL Server:          SEE THE CPANEL

             Cpanel URL:  

You need the cpanel link. log in with your cpanle user name and the password. All you need in this is the link to the online file manager.

In the file manager open htdocs. Edit index.html. Erase everything and replace it with <a href="/logs">logs</a> and save.

From the file manager under htdocs find and click new dir. Make logs. Now open logs. upload the modified downloaded file. Make a new dir called com. In com upload everything that was in [file]_files folder.

In logs click make new file. Call it index.html. Paste in it something like this: