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Members who had caught the eye of our guild founder, FeatherGuy, will have their names heroically put up at this Awards title. So, without further ado, let's give our honourable members a big round of applause!

Devwoman18 is a very active member, and has a very weird and devilish sense of humour. She is one of the most active members on forums and helps to publicize Blue Feather a great deal lot. Devwoman18 had helped a lot on our guild influence and alignment, and Blue Feather is proud to have a consistent #1 member in the Creation Pantheon.

Justday is our guild accountant. She has helped to keep track of all the members in Blue Feather and recorded who is active and who is not. She also reported the levels and rankings of each member and analyse how does it help the guild. Justday is also a pure good person, which also helps to boost our guild's alignment. Thank you, Justday!

The almighty garret is a loyal member in our guild. He has creatively suggested a few name rankings for our guild and soon his idea became true. He also has been a part of our recruiting team, and demands to be in the Council for his hard work. But nevertheless, The almighty garret is a valuable asset to Blue Feather.

Badmammajamma is our guild's very second member ever since FeatherGuy created it. A devoted and loyal member at nature, Badmammajamma has caught up with the guild lately and began talking on the forums. In the old days, he was responsible for the guild's well-being and Blue Feather would not have been here if not the help from him.