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1. The alleged "Blue Feather" came from a "Golden Phoenix". How? 2. What if you join, then turn evil? Do they kick you out? If so, how? Dragolord.

First off, my theory is that the phoenix was colorblind.

Second, if you join then turn evil, it's your own business. But evil heroes pretty much will never stop trying to make a break for it and escape on their own if they're in such a brightly-aligned guild. For evil aligned players, I believe they recommend trying out Harvest Moon, also a pretty good (or is that evil?) place to be. But if you take a look at their member listings, you'll see Blue Feather has a few sentior members who're evil, so clearly no one gets kicked. Also according to the Gameplay article on guilds says explicitly no one can be kicked from a guild by another member. Jimbob64 (talk) 22:03, 19 April 2013 (BST)

That's what I meant. I know that the page says that it has a few evil guys, but it isn't accepting any more. I suppose that they could ban you from the Guild Council, and refuse to acknowledge your existence, but is there anything else? Dragolord.