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Thanks for helping me out...again! And you're welcome, I'm having fun with the wiki and hope I'm not messing stuff up too much. It's a learning process, ya know? You're the best! --EvEoMeGa

This is Freerider's main account, just noticed your recommendations about the lucky got casino wiki. please feel free to make those minor corrections on guild names. I'm currently in development of a few other wiki pages right now so this would be a great help if you have the time. - thanks for getting that done. Also thanks for giving me the idea of collapsible tables.

  • Avaliable for an afk spar anytime you may have a spare invite, i will use the gp to spar so u dont need to worry for that. GodSniper404 
  • Thank you for that "Friend8" addition. Still learning how to format and use things other than text and backgrounds on here, myself. Jimbob64 (talk) 05:28, 1 May 2013 (BST)