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Editing Aeter

Elantien (talk)

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Feedback requested on change to Template:Guild link

Hello friends!

I noticed you folks have both the {{Guild link}} template and a manual link to your guild's stats page here. It inspired me to make an improvement to how {{Guild link}} works.

If you add |stats=yes to your {{Guild link}}, it will generate with an icon that's a neat and tidy link to your guild stats. In other words:

{{Guild link|Aeter|stats=yes}}

will make:

⚜️ Aeter 📈

I'd love it if you gave it a try and let me know what you think! In particular:

  • Is the spacing bad/ugly/difficult on touch screens?
  • Is the emoji too large, or should it be replaced with a simpler text link (á la {{God|extended=yes}}), i.e. GodElantien (U • C • T) 
  • Is it just not a good idea?

No answers are wrong, so please say what you think. I spent approximately 0 minutes of thought on it, so it's guaranteed to need more work, and I won't take anything personally.

Comments here or at Template talk:Guild link will be seen and replied to! 😊 -- Djonni (talk) 15:52, 26 July 2019 (UTC)