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Champion of the God: user:RogueSaber
Personality: Cruel
Gender: Female
Level: 54
Motto: Ne shab'rud'ni...
Guild: Mandalorian
Guild Rank: Regent
Guild Position: Mand'alor
Temple Completion Date: Coming soon!
Pet Type: double dragon
Pet Name: Felix
Pet Level: 8
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 31,131
Most Hated Monster: Drowned Captain

In the Beginning

Tahiri was the third child (and only daughter) of her family. Her father and two brothers worked in the local coal mine. Her mother died of scarlet fever when Tahiri was only 5 years old. Since Tahiri was the only female in the household, it became her duty to clean, cook and take care of the household. Her chores kept her from attending school and receiving any formal education. When she was 9, an explosion in the coal mines took the lives of her father and both brothers. Tahiri was forced to find work outside of the house to pay for food and other necessities. Because she had no education, she had to work menial jobs with little pay. As the jobs became less and less, Tahiri found herself on the verge of starvation. Out of despair, she soon turned to stealing from others. Her life seemed bleak and hopeless.


At age 10, Tahiri stole food and money from a stranger who had arrived in town. However, the stranger saw her commit the act and followed her home. He confronted her at her house. With tears running down her cheeks, she handed back the money and the food she hadn't already eaten. The man asked why she stole from him and learned about the fate of her family and why she stole from others.

He took pity on the brave, little girl and took her into town for a real meal. As she had her fill of any food she wanted, he asked if she would like a job working for him to earn good money. His name was Novan Krish, he was a Mandalorian bounty hunter and he needed someone to be a lookout for him when he went to apprehend a criminal in town. With only a moment's hesitation, Tahiri agreed to the job. She did as he instructed her and after successfully capturing the criminal, he asked if she would like to continue earning money by helping him. He would even teach her about the Mandalorian life and his trade so she could eventually become a bounty hunter herself. Since there were no better oppotunities, she agreed to accompany him and learn all she could.