Synthetic Organism

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The Synthetic Organism is a monster. It is a robotic intelligent life form with organic material incorporated into its body.

The Synthetic Organism was created by an Evil Genius as his first science fair project. The day before it was due, it escaped. The Evil Genius used a Phoenix II magic engine with mithril parts and roots of Yggdrasil to create an android with its own will. This allowed it to think on its own, so it decided to wipe out all inferior life forms and create a perfect world. The only things that prevented it from carrying out its plan were the stupid and pathetic heroes and heroines that somehow, in their ignorance, found a way to fight back against the Synthetic Organism. In a weakened state after a great battle, it used all of its remaining magic to create thousand of weaker copies of itself, which now roam the planet in search of a way to restore them to their former glory.