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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

Sword-swallowing, of all the combat skills, is the most... peculiar. When being used, the hero swallows, well, a sword. This has different effects, varying with each hero's skill.


Levels 1-5

The hero is likely to stab their innards, and kill themselves. If they survive, their opponent is usually scared and confused as to why the hero isn't dead right away.

Levels 6-10

The hero will swallow the sword, then stab themselves through their stomach, poking the sword out, and stab an opponent with them. This level still results in as much god related healing as the first one.

Levels 11-15

The hero will swallow their sword, then quickly process it so the weapon pokes out of their bum, much like a bee, and fight with it. Many butt-related hospital visits and diarrhea are common side effects of this level of the skill.

Levels 16-20

The hero will swallow their sword, and then throw it back up at a long distance, basically turning themselves into a one-shot sword-gun. Very useful, however if not positioned right, heroes will stab themselves in the throat or lungs. Side effects include excessive vomiting, tasting blood in the back of one's throat, and diarrhea. Doctors believe the diarrhea is still a side effect of the 11-15 stage, it just lasts a really long time.

Levels 21+

The hero will swallow their sword and then one of three things happens.

  1. The sword enters an alternate dimension through the stomach, and appears inside the opponent's face after a few seconds.
  2. The sword protrudes from the hero's bum without damaging the hero or causing diarrhea, and can then be fired from the bum.
  3. The sword enters the hero's stomach, gets digested, then appears in the toilet, freshly cleaned and with a lavender scent.