Swoop of the smith

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Swoop of the smith conjures a bound blacksmith's hammer into the hero's hand. This momentum guides the swing, directly targeting the opponent's head. Even at low levels, this is very effective.

Level 1-10

Inflicts considerable fracturing damage, if quick enough to connect before the hammer disappears. The hero often finds herself swinging empty-handed, flying forward into a heap through a cloud of dematerializing smith's hammer, and retreats cursing her low conjuration skill.

Level 11-20

After long practice while walking the milestones, determined to ignore the opinions of passersby, the hero learns to conjure the hammer up long enough for a good smiting. He will usually get cocky and begin to practice combo moves, though fortunately the skill duration is still brief enough that a wild flying hammer will evaporate before coming back down.

Level 21-30

The hammer size will continue to grow with skill, fully exploiting the hidden dimension of hammerspace until the hero is able to pull ancient giants' hulking ebony smith hammers from a patch of thin air somewhere behind her spine. This is usually fatal to the opponent.