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Sweet Dreams

A special guild filled with eccentric, creative, dreamy, and amazingly good looking heroes. Despite the girlish name, you can find the most powerful and of course, best dressed heroes you'd ever find across the Godville world.

The hero is usually a typical hero every girl would dream about. Very good looking, shiny armor, most of them have their own white horses and and one of their best skills is to tilt their head while smiling, so their perfect teeth can reflect the sun's rays and twinkle.

And the heroines are the goddess's embodiment on earth. Every man goes head over heels for them. Even the slightest smile from the heroine can send the fan boys into their own dreamland, to have their own Sweet Dreams.

Just like the guild's vision, those who blended within Sweet Dreams are heroes full of majestic energy. They love to live in their own thoughts, and sometimes they find it hard to tell the differences between the real monster to fight or plushie doll to cuddle at their bed.

Our Regents

Our Cardinal Outfit

In Sweet Dreams the Cardinal outfit is actually a stylish red feather bird suit. We use to use big red hats but it caused a huge paperwork backlog because of all the expelled bishops and priests from the Jesus guild who were applying for Sweet Dreams. Once we explained that our charity program "Sweet Dreams for underprivileged Godville children" didn't involve private tutoring most of them withdrew their applications but there still remained a large volume of applicants until the outfit change.

Meet the Sweet Dreamers here:

  • Franck Hero of the god HibeeMG, currently serves as a Patriarch.
Franck cannot remember how and where he became a member of the Sweet Dreams guild as he has died and been resurrected many times since. He is sure that he doesn't want to join another guild as that would mean starting from the bottom again and he has become too long in the tooth to be fetching and carrying for the regents.
  • Breetta, Heroine of the goddess Elisabeth88, currently serves as a Matriarch.
  • Chayyim Hero of the god CHAI, currently serves as a Cardinal.
  • Melodicy Fireborn Heroine of the god Brand Metempyreal, currently serves as a Matriarch.
  • Hore: Servant/Hero of the god Wyhx, currently serves as a Hierarch.
  • Brenda the Alien: Heroine of the god, Ranomatic, currently serves as a Cardinal. Do waffles taste good? Why yes, yes they do.
  • The Mighty Jason: Hero of the goddess Luckyspark101. Currently serves as Grand Master. "In the beginning, there was the Server... And a mystical pattern that looked suspiciously like a 'GV'."
  • Joel The Great: Hero of the god Joelie Ravioli

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