Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams
Alignment: Brightest
Gold Fund: 21051 c.u.
Membership Count: 26
Guild Page: Sweet Dreams 

About Us

Sweet Dreams is a special guild filled with eccentric, creative, dreamy, and amazingly good looking heroes. Despite the girlish name, you can find the most powerful and of course, best dressed heroes you'd ever find across the Godville world.

The heroes are usually the typical heroes that young girls dream about. They are very good looking with shiny armour and most (by that we mean slim to none) of them have their own majestic white horses. One of the skills taught to every hero is to tilt their head while smiling, so their perfect teeth can reflect the sun's rays and twinkle. And the heroines are the goddess's embodiment on earth. Every man goes head over heels for them. Even the slightest smile from the heroine can send the fan boys into their own dreamland, to have their own Sweet Dreams.

Just like the guild's vision, the members Sweet Dreams are gods and goddesses from every corner of the Earth. In Sweet Dreams, you'll find one of the strangest crowds you have ever seen. They love to live in their own thoughts. Here, you'll find no end of eccentric characters of immense variety. These members live so high up in the clouds that sometimes they find it hard to tell the differences between the real monster to fight or plushie doll that they cuddle with at their bed.



The Eurythmics are the most important of our members. They've been with us for well over 2 years. Any Sweet Dreams member worships them almost as much as they worship their god themselves.

Name Hero
GodCamila (U • C • T)  Cauby
GodZorro (U • C • T)  Zorroz
GodFunke (U • C • T)  Cifer
GodCHAI (U • C • T)  Chayyim
GodRanomatic (U • C • T)  Brenda The Alien
GodCelestial Rervert (U • C • T)  Ivan Yur Gudees
GodCaesar Augustus (U • C • T)  Chen Zhen

Our Cardinal Outfit

In Sweet Dreams the Cardinal outfit is actually a stylish red feather bird suit. We use to use big red hats but it caused a huge paperwork backlog because of all the expelled bishops and priests from the Jesus guild who were applying for Sweet Dreams. Once we explained that our charity program "Sweet Dreams for underprivileged Godville children" didn't involve private tutoring most of them withdrew their applications but there still remained a large volume of applicants until the outfit change.
If you want your hero to join us use your God voice to. Say "join Sweet Dreams guild". Do it when your hero is out of town and not fighting a monster. Also, Don't do it in town.

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