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It is said that the Sweaty Handz guild was created when a group of citizens had monster problems. A brave hero came to the rescue only to find a wrestling rabbit. The Rabbit had a tight hold of the hero, and in the final moments of the hero's life a miracle happened... he woke up! Shot straight up out of bed and realised he had been wrestling his now sodden cloak with his sweaty hands. He had fainted in the sweaty toiling labor of his God. With this fated vision of the salvation from sweaty hands and sleep the Guild Sweaty HandZ was born not only for the hard working heroes of committed Gods but to find this wrestling rabbit and finish this sleep induced match.

So my fellow hero abandon your final "S" and stand with us other heroes and proudly staple a Z in its place. For great is our Gods, and we shall work in their name!

Sweaty are our hands. Because hard is the labor for our Gods. The harder our labor the more rewarding my God will be right? We toil and labor to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. When we all toil together we will win the favor of our combined Gods and rule this world! In the name of our Gods of course...

Sweaty HandZ
Sweaty Hand is to toil for our God and Z is the inevitable exhaustion that comes with the labor we do so they don't have to.

The Sweaty HandZ Guild Roster, including guild rank[1]. For detailed information about the guild ranks check here Guild
God Name Hero Name Guild Rank
GodResen  Chitose (Prophet)(Creator)
GodAyre  Kaliron (Prophet)
GodL34k3d  L34k3d (Prophet)
GodHunterJRB  BaW JackHammer (Prophet)
GodRedKitsune  Banbha (Prophet)
GodAttiqus  Qwint (Prophet)
GodHavenn  Joshuar (Prophet)
GodShanna583  Razzz (Regent)
GodChris Murphy  Oddla (Regent)
GodHira64  Heldona (Hierarch)
GodSparkle-lord  Peon McSpacky Pants (Cardinal)
GodThatgut1004  Twitchie (Cardinal)
GodNatewepp  Natewepp (Advisor)
GodSusan French  Mardon (Advisor)
GodShaylyn7  Ashlyn7 (Chief Master)
GodZeigfeld  Zeigfeld (Chief Master)
GodSesshmaruu  Inuhanyou (Chief Master)
GodCamaro98z28  Bastard1 (Chief Master)
GodExiledDragon  LukeT (Chief Master)
GodAlkiton  Poladisk (Chief Master)
GodLuna Invictus  Baghatur (Chief Master)
GodZettaCrash  Chu Cuulain (Chief Master)
GodSabres Arelious  Seb Lei (Master)
GodPhill87Octetes  PhillOctetes (Master)
GodPlamptonite  Gorfinkel (Master)
GodJesslla  Blueberry (Master)
GodSoul Collector  Matrival (Master)
GodSkooter0070  Burstflame (Master)
GodLeHarman  Mrharman (Master)
GodBluevi  Sarah 9 (Master)
GodJaniR  Amadelia (Master)
GodThe Watcher Above  Gorbad Ironclaw (Master)
GodQueen Almighty  Wilyam (Master)
GodUnspeakable  Ashcan Pete (Master)
GodLarsmunksgaard  Monki (Master)
GodMaiqer  Kretzer (Master)
GodTasuku  The Doctor 13 (Master)
GodIan the Allmighty  Misuu (Master)
GodKowasaci  Grenho (Master)
GodWishesarepies  Hephastion (Master)
GodAliMighty  Rhianikki (Master)
GodAznbaby  Kelon (Master)
GodCykick  Cykick (Master)
GodReco  Rairii (Master)
GodCultmaster  SokkaOfTheWaterTribe (Master)
GodLiliana C  Yuri Suzuki (Master)
GodYano91  HeAintBatman (Master)
GodSylvor  Sylvanesh (Master)
GodTom8585  Odin8585 (Master)
GodStickManAthiest  Satans hero (Follower)
GodVasha  Braedyn (Follower)
GodJill the Great  Nebish (Follower)
GodArthfael  Yngvi (Follower)
GodPATATITA  Fackelmann (Follower)
GodRicochetv1  Sulphara (Follower)
GodNerd1197  Supernovapower (Follower)
GodRedrider  Stumples (Follower)
GodEmpscott  Jamesemp (Recruit)
GodChief Shepherd  Sam I Am (Recruit)
GodKatrigari  Talek (Recruit)
GodSam Ivy  Sam Ivy (Recruit)
GodXawarth  Worgath (Recruit)
GodJonSeiben  JonSeiben (Recruit)
GodAphrodianae  Dianisa (Recruit)
GodDk3498  Xiaobai2 (Recruit)
GodRobinLee  DragonRider (Recruit)
GodRavenicus  Avatar of Ravenicus (Intern)
GodPlay32sera  Play32sera (Intern)
GodEdward Nigma  Lady Roxy LaLonde (Intern)
GodJeffery7  Jeff7 (Intern)
GodThe Almighty Babboo  Stephanie Ransom (Fan)
GodFrogosaurus  RatherDashing (Fan)


  1. as of September 28, 2013 from the official Sweaty Hands Guild Roster