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It is said that the Sweaty Handz guild was created when a group of citizens had monster problems. A brave hero came to the rescue only to find a wrestling rabbit. The Rabbit had a tight hold of the hero, and in the final moments of the hero's life a miracle happened... he woke up! Shot straight up out of bed and realised he had been wrestling his now sodden cloak with his sweaty hands. He had fainted in the sweaty toiling labor of his God. With this fated vision of the salvation from sweaty hands and sleep the Guild Sweaty HandZ was born not only for the hard working heroes of committed Gods but to find this wrestling rabbit and finish this sleep induced match.

So my fellow hero abandon your final "S" and stand with us other heroes and proudly staple a Z in its place. For great is our Gods, and we shall work in their name!

Sweaty are our hands. Because hard is the labor for our Gods. The harder our labor the more rewarding my God will be right? We toil and labor to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. When we all toil together we will win the favor of our combined Gods and rule this world! In the name of our Gods of course...

Sweaty HandZ
Sweaty Hand is to toil for our God and Z is the inevitable exhaustion that comes with the labor we do so they don't have to.

The Sweaty HandZ Guild Roster, including guild rank[1]. For detailed information about the guild ranks check here Guild
God Name Hero Name Guild Rank
GodResen  Chitose (Matriarch)(Creator)
GodBelphfegor  Olisha (Matriarch)
GodSandman1211  Sandz (Patriarch)
GodKyojem  Roury Oshea (Patriarch)
GodNick Budge  Zobek 812 (Patriarch)
GodAyre  Kaliron (Matriarch)
GodAfinkawan  Barbrian (Hierarch)
GodLurch91  Lurch91 (Hierarch)
GodL34k3d  L34k3d (Hierarch)
GodNiralee  Nero-angelo (Hierarch)
GodTheAmazingLauren  TheAmazingLucius (Hierarch)
GodHunterJRB  BaW JackHammer (Hierarch)
GodRedKitsune  Banbha (Hierarch)
GodAttiqus  Qwint (Hierarch)
GodHavenn  Joshuar (Hierarch)
GodDecayedwolf  Decayedwolf (Hierarch)
GodPioPio  Lafafel (Hierarch)
GodBruxsa  Homer simpson (Cardinal)
GodShanna583  Razzz (Cardinal)
GodSusan French  Mardon (Cardinal)
GodMythden  Magthere (Grand Master)
GodSephirot  Clloud (Grand Master)
GodAcejunky  Acejunky (Grand Master)
GodUndead 426  Death dealer6 (Grand Master)
GodChris Murphy  Oddla (Advisor)
GodKarnea  Karnen (Advisor)
GodX Vurner X  X Primo X (Chief Master)
GodXandeus  Steve06 (Chief Master)
GodHoulty  Super AJ (Chief Master)
GodBelek  Adrian James (Chief Master)
GodAliensfear  Kaleb Y (Chief Master)
GodCerf  Petit Scarabee (Chief Master)
GodSyrad  Malleficar (Chief Master)
GodDevora  Brutuc (Chief Master)
GodJACK3ER  SLAY3R (Chief Master)
GodMystical One  Mystical Dreams (Chief Master)
GodKillanautra  Knara (Chief Master)
GodCanyon Silver  Vested circle (Chief Master)
GodTimothyrayjr  Raydor (Chief Master)
GodAllisfish  Ayashi Himura (Chief Master)
GodBob T Cow  Minorvariation (Chief Master)
GodTwistedkestrel  Jambo (Chief Master)
GodCorvuxxx  Corvuxxx (Chief Master)
GodKhooleo  Booyahkasha (Chief Master)
GodMelkior  Wing Monkey (Chief Master)
GodZilgazz  Giarc The Noblest (Chief Master)
GodDarkoblivion  Badben28 (Chief Master)
GodSeraphic  Kailai (Chief Master)
GodPrezius  Mishell (Master)
GodKingJim2k  Dad of Juice (Master)
GodKarael  Saraera (Master)
GodRock n roll  Annoying name 777 (Master)
GodRickle  Rickle (Master)
GodMadhatter223  Toby223 (Master)
GodGregdash  Gregdash (Master)
GodJeff Nix  Suntzzu (Master)
GodAnnisa  Alviardy (Master)
GodDaeWulff  RockstarxInfinity (Master)
GodSchmoopsie  KenniferW (Master)
GodCoaches  Coaches (Master)
GodArchapelego  Lance Phoenix (Master)
GodAsena  Bluenire (Master)
GodAgris1  Alexander The Grist (Master)
GodCawfeedude  Brianovitch (Master)
GodAustintheepic  Screet LaJazzy (Master)
GodThe Graf  Swiss Banker (Master)
GodCohair  Thomas Rackem (Master)
GodGodly Llama  Lord Llama (Master)
GodFather Wolfman  Wolfman3561 (Master)
GodNinman  Lil Nin (Master)
GodLe blanck  Gudeknepper (Master)
GodKeltorian  Keltor (Master)
GodSkyyybro  Skyyybro (Master)
GodChris12345  Derek987 (Master)
GodOchoMuerte  Kakamaka (Master)
GodDekip  Endekikker (Master)
GodEvy2202  Finnique (Master)
GodJazzymg  Mollyann (Master)
GodTazgirlbert  Honestlar (Master)
GodJess716  Delilah716 (Master)
GodBoBashley  Jaymii (Master)
GodPrvt Parts  Jack and Coke (Master)
GodMarvorama  Dude The Mighty (Follower)
GodAddiSonR  Jim Bob McGee (Follower)
GodSchnei  Schnei (Follower)
GodAngela Schaffer  Lord Phaded (Follower)
GodMacdroid  Grouch (Follower)
GodMahadaveatman  Brazo (Follower)
GodJessicatt  Jessicatt (Follower)
GodNyaig  Lyall (Follower)
GodAwesome god guy  Garaxiel (Follower)
GodAlGhost  Bill Warren (Follower)
GodBoredOne  Zollo (Follower)
GodPhaedrae  Josselin (Follower)
GodDidacus  Daco (Follower)
GodAllystra  Alexandria D-angelo (Follower)
GodSolus Invictae Vici  Ender Valentine (Follower)
GodAzumire  Azerin (Follower)
GodAthalus  Athalus88 (Follower)
GodJoshsaidFU  Steve411 (Follower)
GodIllicit Master  Tarl Cabbot (Follower)
GodSi77lechest  Daxtersizzlechest (Follower)
GodQuezovercoatl  Half-Chicken (Follower)
GodAphrodites Numero Un  Sr Captn Americano (Follower)
GodTaake  Windir84 (Follower)
GodAll mighty DA BEARS  Patpat (Follower)
GodLady Seren  Tirian Atier (Follower)
GodZankhu  Damadar (Follower)
GodHonourable  Thumb dumb servant (Follower)
GodMatt teh great  David Daniels (Follower)
GodMrsteve123  Superdude196 (Follower)
GodSteve The Big One  Steve The Hero (Follower)
GodAllPowerfulOne  BlackNightStalker (Recruit)
GodSeidling  Charmer (Recruit)
GodAxhala  Bordin (Recruit)
GodCoolstreak09  Onion Guy (Recruit)
GodKurichan  Gyu (Recruit)
GodPicastina  Patricia Depeppermint (Recruit)
GodAWESOMEST- 1  Sunshine00 (Recruit)
GodNecroFeelya  Ijustshatmyself (Recruit)
GodKlbecks  Ahrmahd (Recruit)
GodDile  Ashtra (Recruit)
GodCameron Lee  Chinatsu (Recruit)
GodBrian86  Bridor (Recruit)
GodJane7  Marta42 (Recruit)
GodSilea  Keit (Intern)
GodSweet Thang  Winniebango (Intern)
GodKillo869  Valette (Intern)
GodRandompagan  Asatru odinson (Intern)
GodAwesomelyLazy  Lu Jylette (Intern)


  1. as of September 8, 2012 from the official Sweaty Hands Guild Roster