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It is said that the Sweaty Handz guild was created when a group of citizens had monster problems. A brave hero came to the rescue only to find a wrestling rabbit. The Rabbit had a tight hold of the hero, and in the final moments of the hero's life a miracle happened... he woke up! Shot straight up out of bed and realised he had been wrestling his now sodden cloak with his sweaty hands. He had fainted in the sweaty toiling labor of his God. With this fated vision of the salvation from sweaty hands and sleep the Guild Sweaty HandZ was born not only for the hard working heroes of committed Gods but to find this wrestling rabbit and finish this sleep induced match.

So my fellow hero abandon your final "S" and stand with us other heroes and proudly staple a Z in its place. For great is our Gods, and we shall work in their name!

Sweaty are our hands. Because hard is the labor for our Gods. The harder our labor the more rewarding my God will be right? We toil and labor to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. When we all toil together we will win the favor of our combined Gods and rule this world! In the name of our Gods of course...

Sweaty HandZ
Sweaty Hand is to toil for our God and Z is the inevitable exhaustion that comes with the labor we do so they don't have to.

Come and let Godville know who we are in Sweaty HandZ (include rank) (List edited: 7/5/12)
God Name Hero Name Guild Rank
GodResen  Chitose (Matriarch)(Creator)
GodBelphfegor  Olisha (Matriarch)
GodSandman1211  Sandz (Hierarch)
GodDaddo  Pinkpanther (Hierarch)
GodKyojem  Roury Oshea (Hierarch)
GodNick Budge  Zobek 812 (Hierarch)
GodDynah-Might  Rocksie (Hierarch)
GodAyre  Kaliron (Hierarch)
GodAfinkawan  Barbrian (Hierarch)
GodLurch91  Lurch91 (Hierarch)
GodAvat Al-Ghanima  Jancey (Hierarch)
GodL34k3d  L34k3d (Hierarch)
GodThorval  Lornitis (Hierarch)
GodNiralee  Nero-angelo (Cardinal)
GodTheAmazingLauren  TheAmazingLucius (Cardinal)
GodHunterJRB  BaW JackHammer (Cardinal)
GodRedKitsune  Banbha (Cardinal)
GodAttiqus  Qwint (Cardinal)
GodHavenn  Joshuar (Cardinal)
GodDecayedwolf  Decayedwolf (Cardinal)
GodPioPio  Lafafel (Cardinal)
GodJellicle God  Noah Mistwalker (Grand Master)
GodBruxsa  Homer simpson (Grand Master)
GodShanna583  Razzz (Grand Master)
GodSusan French  Mardon (Advisor)
GodSinfulEnvy  SinfulTemptation (Advisor)
GodAthena87  Hazel L (Advisor)
GodLarissa885  Chimichurri (Advisor)
GodCapital Punishment  Felon (Chief Master)
GodHillzy  Dugald (Chief Master)
GodPricecs  Dirok (Chief Master)
GodGretchen Marie  Nettie3 (Chief Master)
GodTR Jenkins  NomNomBomb (Chief Master)
GodCoffeeDeamon  Gnaws (Chief Master)
GodNachowix  Wix (Chief Master)
GodWoodhead  Elzie (Chief Master)
GodSelene Of Love  Romeroe (Chief Master)
GodBigDJohnson  Naburu (Chief Master)
GodMythden  Magthere (Chief Master)
GodDrakkhansPrincess  Xena the Psycho Bish (Chief Master)
GodNocolas  Haploc (Chief Master)
GodKinshaw  Allan Hood (Chief Master)
GodHakd  Shockit (Chief Master)
GodMighty Matt  Eggnog The Unruly (Chief Master)
GodKerany  Zulana (Chief Master)
GodSephirot  Clloud (Master)
GodLadyworeblack  Vibraterovercharged (Master)
GodDarklink838  Dark Cook (Master)
GodIncandescent  Richard Long (Master)
GodKendra Q  Andalia (Master)
GodAcejunky  Acejunky (Master)
GodDrake0446  Iamabadazz (Master)
GodRyiahn  Alik Maxwell (Master)
GodSuRoXt  Emwhiz Baslun (Master)
GodLee Pes  Lee Pester (Master)
GodCardinal Sin  Richelieu (Master)
GodRadioactive One  Pacific Death (Master)
GodTiu  Deferet (Master)
GodGmccarty36  Seanjcnj (Master)
GodTriangle Man  Jerico Kane (Master)
GodSamri  Sam Ford (Master)
GodDa Hobo God  Supah Hobo (Master)
GodTyler Demonico  John Elijah (Master)
GodAlvizerus  Guenter (Master)
GodN1kk1777  Yuugo (Master)
GodNaedom  Deansam Winchester (Master)
GodAsherack  Zeldornius (Master)
GodUndead 426  Death dealer6 (Master)
GodJames Burkhart  MoonDoggy (Master)
GodLeesheep  Sir Tim The Third (Master)
GodLord Zap  Suzzette (Master)
GodEuripicles  Hortica (Master)
GodBig mama Tricia  The Boys (Master)
GodGamAddTowel  HuneeBlaze (Master)
GodVanyel  Van2nd (Master)
GodQuikAg  Bob Just Bob (Master)
GodAntonovitz  Hrafnir (Master)
GodSilkie  Kenneth Law (Master)
GodLumene  Lumene Lightbringer (Master)
GodQueen Juno  Jhuno (Master)
GodAndrewC  SashaS (Master)
GodJuliaKay  KaraGrace (Master)
GodDaLord  Dariuz (Master)
GodXeion  Zenkaito (Master)
GodArgirakos Uchiha  Lolhead (Master)
GodKillonius  Killinator (Master)
GodBolim  Pennylane (Master)
GodJane7  Marta42 (Master)
GodLathaender  Caldon (Master)
GodAnzu  HotMel (Master)
GodZenMaster Sauce  Katrina Krackle (Master)
GodChris Murphy  Oddla (Master)
GodLucifer Jones  Tuntor the Collector (Master)
GodFoegon  Begon (Follower)
GodAgmenra  Quiron (Follower)
GodDmahon247  Dmahon247 (Follower)
GodMr DJ  Dragknot (Follower)
GodBrenna-Lynn  Leraje (Follower)
GodAlmighty Gin  Alexis Star (Follower)
GodHeadB-tchInCharge  Eduarda (Follower)
GodCamikazi  CazRa (Follower)
GodKur  Kur (Follower)
GodMfiend  Lilly Ueno (Follower)
GodBennyboy2  Bennyboy2 (Follower)
GodBazeel  Phooka (Follower)
GodNicNac86  Tauran (Follower)
GodArianan  Jeriek (Follower)
GodDave Ship  Jesus Ship (Follower)
GodKat1098  Kat1098 (Follower)
GodWhoops  Volund (Follower)
GodDyerdre  Ukikis (Follower)
GodXizl  Ugha (Follower)
GodFilmholmes  Joey Holmes (Follower)
GodBrunus Godus  Brunus Groovus (Follower)
GodCeleborn  Marroci (Follower)
GodMikey the fist  Amish the red (Follower)
GodMyoka  Mantropius (Follower)
GodHeatherletha  Jasonton (Follower)
GodEvilbob  Evilbob Jr (Follower)
GodVimares  DanteKid (Recruit)
GodClinkscales  Max E Pad (Recruit)
GodGinesh  Sicopath (Recruit)
GodJennieP  RobinP (Recruit)
GodJorge the Destroyer  Walter the Wicked (Recruit)
GodAlexmnz  Androidia (Recruit)
GodEric Wiles  Eric Wiles (Recruit)
GodBrendon-Flynn  Brendon-Flynn (Intern)
GodEshleelie  Elleon (Intern)
GodTheFlyingSomething  Mershinn (Intern)

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