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|  (Recruit)
|  (Recruit)
| {{god|The Godhead}} {{Medal | hr = 06/03/2012 23:10}} {{Medal | zv = 01/01/2013 08:18}}
| {{god|The Godhead}} {{Medal | hr = 06/03/2012 23:10 | zv = 01/01/2013 08:18}}
|  Kyrial  
|  Kyrial  
|  (Recruit)
|  (Recruit)

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It is said that the Sweaty Handz guild was created when a group of citizens had monster problems. A brave hero came to the rescue only to find a wrestling rabbit. The Rabbit had a tight hold of the hero, and in the final moments of the hero's life a miracle happened... he woke up! Shot straight up out of bed and realised he had been wrestling his now sodden cloak with his sweaty hands. He had fainted in the sweaty toiling labor of his God. With this fated vision of the salvation from sweaty hands and sleep the Guild Sweaty HandZ was born not only for the hard working heroes of committed Gods but to find this wrestling rabbit and finish this sleep induced match.

So my fellow hero abandon your final "S" and stand with us other heroes and proudly staple a Z in its place. For great is our Gods, and we shall work in their name!

Sweaty are our hands. Because hard is the labor for our Gods. The harder our labor the more rewarding my God will be right? We toil and labor to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. When we all toil together we will win the favor of our combined Gods and rule this world! In the name of our Gods of course...

Sweaty HandZ
Sweaty Hand is to toil for our God and Z is the inevitable exhaustion that comes with the labor we do so they don't have to.

The Sweaty HandZ Guild Roster, including guild rank[1]. For detailed information about the guild ranks check here Guild
God Name Hero Name Guild Rank
GodResen  Chitose (Regent)(Creator)
GodSandman1211  Sandz (Regent)
GodKyojem  Roury Oshea (Regent)
GodNick Budge  Zobek 812 (Regent)
GodAyre  Kaliron (Matriarch)
GodL34k3d  L34k3d (Patriarch)
GodHunterJRB  BaW JackHammer (Patriarch)
GodRedKitsune  Banbha (Matriarch)
GodAttiqus  Qwint (Patriarch)
GodHavenn  Joshuar (Patriarch)
GodDecayedwolf  Decayedwolf (Patriarch)
GodBruxsa  Homer simpson (Hierarch)
GodShanna583  Razzz (Hierarch)
GodSusan French  Mardon (Hierarch)
GodMythden  Magthere (Hierarch)
GodSephirot  Clloud (Hierarch)
GodChris Murphy  Oddla (Hierarch)
GodAngela Schaffer  Lord Phaded (Cardinal)
GodLars Almighty  Lars Almighty (Grand Master)
GodTangy  Winkin (Advisor)
GodMrSome1more  MrSome1more (Advisor)
GodSunshinefire  Flame-Shadow (Chief Master)
GodSundownLS1  Gnolick (Chief Master)
GodParadox2112  Jolliper Andreas (Chief Master)
GodBrambo  Frederiek (Chief Master)
GodGolgafrinch  Allitnil (Master)
GodLucaBlight  Brooklyn Knight (Master)
GodCaptain Pat  Dirty Todd (Master)
GodGroulax  Dminkly (Master)
GodMary84  Millinear (Master)
GodZilbo  Forkly (Master)
GodBobelicious  Bob the 33rd (Master)
GodRotund One  Odepius Rex (Master)
GodAlzuth  Todd the insipid (Master)
GodThe Almighty Force  Rogue Hero (Master)
GodEldwar  Dumbfu (Master)
GodPenelope Prissypants  Miranda the Mighty (Master)
GodML6628  Lambo (Master)
GodJacobo  Mr Epic Guy (Master)
GodArianaa  Aviary (Master)
GodCabarr  Singy (Master)
GodSmells Homeless  Smells Homeless (Master)
GodDejawuu  The exalted one (Master)
GodPersephone Aphrodite  Apollo Saturnus (Master)
GodHip Hip Hooray  Goodie Gumdrops (Master)
GodVexen Vicen  MarcusDeVoid (Master)
GodJesse West  Audio life (Master)
GodSaphire82  Sonrisa orchid (Master)
GodAri the Great  Finnick O-Dair (Master)
GodRatlips  Cheeses Mice (Master)
GodLooneyHK  Harold Nuttz (Follower)
GodBoingy  Boingy (Follower)
GodNyledaj  Nyledaj (Follower)
GodDark the Syren  Daniel the Bold (Follower)
GodCrlcan81  Searlas (Follower)
GodInktense  Stilleto (Follower)
GodJeffrey Lebowski  Fat Giraffe (Follower)
GodDuir  Wydd (Follower)
GodEllorah  Lord Vincent (Follower)
GodAnchpop  Citric (Follower)
GodSmeagol The Worst  Plato Of Athens (Follower)
GodRoland Loczi  Roli (Follower)
GodAngel04  Annabelle04 (Follower)
GodHera II  Rajneesh (Follower)
GodYelshouts  Yellquiet (Follower)
GodAndrijaB  Yggadrasill (Follower)
GodKristin Ninga  WillingSister (Follower)
GodZeroG86  ZeroGuy (Follower)
GodHira64  Heldona (Follower)
GodDeath By Cookie  Naruto Namikaze (Follower)
GodSherms  Shermtasticator (Follower)
GodArheops  Kyohei (Follower)
GodZeroer2600  Zeroer (Follower)
GodCrank01  Yeah (Follower)
GodKattilyst  Kattilyst (Recruit)
GodBlowholeio  Asskicklet (Recruit)
GodMr Nigel-Murray  Nocturnia (Recruit)
GodTiph-  Gordon82 (Recruit)
GodThe Godhead  Kyrial (Recruit)
GodKurara  Akiko-Chan (Recruit)
GodHeferon  Maledict (Recruit)
GodDillard19  Zieo (Recruit)
GodNnaylor  Foxfire (Recruit)
GodRaptum  David Croft (Recruit)
GodDweggy  TheSlave (Recruit)
GodBrethek  Kryss (Recruit)
GodQwerty-Eth  Heaven Girl (Recruit)
GodThewbert  Dexterviticus (Recruit)
GodRubette  Valligirl (Recruit)
GodTwistedkestrel  Jambo (Intern)
GodOliveface46  Olivepeaches the 1st (Intern)
GodDarth Typhis  Vaughan Richard (Intern)
GodDorian Gray  Angela Fabrizio (Intern)
GodMilkbone  Ivan Peesalot (Intern)
GodCurennos  Luron (Fan)
GodWonderwmn  Farehaven (Fan)


  1. as of January 6, 2013 from the official Sweaty Hands Guild Roster