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|  {{god|Kyojem}}
|  {{god|Kyojem}}
|  Roury Oshea  
|  Roury Oshea  
|  (Cardinal)
|  (Heirarch)
|  {{god|Nick Budge}}
|  {{god|Nick Budge}}

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It is said that the Sweaty Handz guild was created when a group of citizens had monster problems. A brave hero came to the rescue only to find a wrestling rabbit. The Rabbit had a tight hold of the hero, and in the final moments of the hero's life a miracle happened... he woke up! Shot straight up out of bed and realised he had been wrestling his now sodden cloak with his sweaty hands. He had fainted in the sweaty toiling labor of his God. With this fated vision of the salvation from sweaty hands and sleep the Guild Sweaty HandZ was born not only for the hard working heroes of committed Gods but to find this wrestling rabbit and finish this sleep induced match.

So my fellow hero abandon your final "S" and stand with us other heroes and proudly staple a Z in its place. For great is our Gods, and we shall work in their name!

Sweaty are our hands. Because hard is the labor for our Gods. The harder our labor the more rewarding my God will be right? We toil and labor to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. When we all toil together we will win the favor of our combined Gods and rule this world! In the name of our Gods of course...

Sweaty HandZ - Sweaty Hand is to toil for our God and Z is the inevitable exhaustion that comes with the labor we do so they don't have to.


Come and let Godville know who we are in Sweaty HandZ (include rank)

God Name Hero Name Guild Rank
GodResen  Chitose (Hierarch)(Creator)
GodBelphfegor  Olisha (Hierarch)
GodSandman1211  Sandz (Hierarch)
GodDaddo  Pinkpanther (Hierarch)
GodKyojem  Roury Oshea (Heirarch)
GodNick Budge  Zobek 812 (Cardinal)
GodDynah-Might  Rocksie (Cardinal)
GodAyre  Kaliron (Cardinal)
GodAfinkawan  Barbrian (Cardinal)
GodLurch91  Lurch91 (Cardinal)
GodLabin  OptimusPrime36 (Cardinal)
GodAvat Al-Ghanima  Jancey (Cardinal)
GodL34k3d  L34k3d (Cardinal)
GodThorval  Lornitis (Grand Master)
GodNiralee  Nero-angelo (Grand Master)
GodTheAmazingLauren  TheAmazingLucius (Grand Master)
GodImthebestius  Epicfailus (Grand Master)
GodHunterJRB  BaW JackHammer (Grand Master)
GodSinahi  Diana Moonheart (Advisor)
GodRedKitsune  Banbha (Advisor)
GodAttiqus  Qwint (Advisor)
GodHavenn  Joshuar (Advisor)
GodDecayedwolf  Decayedwolf (Advisor)
GodPioPio  Lafafel (Advisor)
GodBuccaneerRex  Petrobot (Advisor)
GodSirScott  Laana (Advisor)
GodDisco Ishtar  Misan-Thrope (Advisor)
GodDeeboa  Deeboa (Advisor)
GodArtemisthehuntress  Zoenightshade (Chief Master)
GodBenz0pheles  Buzzkillington Rex (Chief Master)
GodRobinsky  Lord-bane (Chief Master)
GodKageta  Seriku (Chief Master)
GodPrincess Iris  Jerry P (Chief Master)
GodAolian  Laian (Chief Master)
GodLilyAnne  LilyAnne (Chief Master)
GodJellicle God  Noah Mistwalker (Chief Master)
GodCerulean  Cerulean (Chief Master)
GodGuilherme Freitas  Rose Elips (Chief Master)
GodTonyMontana  Al Pacino (Chief Master)
GodInsanemal  Sir Insanemal (Chief Master)
GodTic Tac  Enda Kenny (Chief Master)
GodCyrusnyth  Adonis Apollos (Chief Master)
GodDark Cthuluh  R2-S4 (Master)
GodPony Ranger  Unicorn of Evil (Master)
GodZorryanna  Noxfox (Master)
GodUrsamajr  Ursaminor (Master)
GodAdinkra  Elmin (Master)
GodBruxsa  Homer simpson (Master)
GodGoldinEagle  Teaguey (Master)
GodWail  Aurora Hayden (Master)
GodJustin the god  Neo the God (Master)
GodJaShinYa  Little Tike (Master)
GodKatashker  Yuucius (Master)
GodNerian  SilverClaw (Master)
GodEremiel  Eremiel (Master)
GodShimmys  Jade Hawke (Master)
GodDommerty  Lord Enoch (Master)
GodTehOnlyBoss  Bossedall (Master)
GodNikkorro  Bruce Campbell (Master)
GodThe Redeemer  Red River (Master)
GodOnethatrunswscissors  RichardWhiskey (Master)
GodDeathaire Rune  Nathaniel Deathaire (Master)
GodTimoth  Matrium (Master)
GodCon-Dog Millionaire  Sparticus 007 (Master)
GodSecretsquirrel  Da Red (Master)
GodFiery Depth  Freezenin (Master)
GodRachel Jean  Daring Angel (Master)
GodSpiny Produce  Pnutbutr (Master)
GodUnderPants  Sir Skid Mark (Master)
GodLoriverese  Purple1 (Master)
GodNecco  Ra Po (Master)
GodSpdsk8r  Garlon Travlar (Master)
GodShanna583  Razzz (Master)
GodLucnig  Ymmas (Master)
GodKanosei  Kanosei (Master)
GodTk Wolf  Hannah Moonshadow (Master)
GodVladimar  EricVonGrindenstein (Master)
GodIce Phoenix  Damion Phoenix (Master)
GodSuperEnna  Sir clive (Master)
GodLord Curry  Chode Face (Follower)
GodMalagrond  Malagrond (Follower)
GodTomCruise  GilbertArenas (Follower)
GodLogank98  Logank98 (Follower)
GodHeeney  Heeman (Follower)
GodFriberg  Hilding (Follower)
GodJimbecile  Fooleron (Follower)
GodMarvelingone  Emergence (Follower)
GodWoody1  Kellon Tavoden (Follower)
GodInairios  Carapax (Follower)
GodArcticus  Ursas (Follower)
GodWinterrae  Wyld Iris (Follower)
GodBeast159  Sir Dancelot221 (Follower)
GodVengga  Gay Pattinson (Follower)
GodDemarza  Marzet (Follower)
GodPyroslash  Pyroslash (Follower)
GodSmngrfl  Dorsey (Follower)
GodTomkob  Greogar (Follower)
GodChuck Norris RHK  Chuck Norris RHK (Follower)
GodZeusal-mighty  Percyjacksonreturns (Follower)
GodTurkeybaster  Cornturd (Follower)
GodGamer100  Danny C (Follower)
GodStegall  Slushmaster (Follower)
GodBeezer  Fernfeather (Follower)
GodElgur Mcmoose  Elgur Mcmoose (Follower)
GodAvonto  Oauuaoto Exiova (Follower)
GodPikapachu  Alasthor (Follower)
GodRusakko  Conen (Follower)
GodJhon Mateo  Progect X (Follower)
GodBeethovan2001  Mini-Beet (Follower)
GodSleepbringer  Fukaa (Follower)
GodJh 123  Huo gin (Follower)
GodBRENthegodof ALL  Fish Eve (Follower)
GodFirewall402  Beltway (Follower)
GodSusan French  Mardon (Follower)
GodHddehb  Jordanjs (Follower)
GodChaotik  Kreo (Follower)
GodKhizar  Haris (Follower)
GodTehCupcakes  Cupcake McMuffin (Follower)
GodWesbrew  Tyler Smeels (Follower)
GodJimmyp  Ian Piss (Follower)
GodGoddess Maryna  Robbie Bear (Follower)
GodInanna-nephyths  Ankara (Follower)
GodSinfulEnvy  SinfulTemptation (Follower)
GodWerehiccup  Naruto Uzumaki4249 (Follower)
GodBrad Nichols  Jerke (Follower)
GodHaschilo  Hans-Peter Riebmann (Follower)
GodJrod D Gr8  Jrod D Gr8 (Recruit)
GodMolli  Ronald Weasley (Recruit)
GodVyperzilla  LitaPro (Recruit)
GodOzzion  Kenjamin (Recruit)
GodTheon  Xanthie (Recruit)
GodPianoluvr316  Shani316 (Recruit)
GodGarrosh  Huumn (Recruit)
GodAliza  Azrul (Recruit)
GodE-boss  E-boss man (Recruit)
GodAroma  Shandri (Recruit)
GodXanpulo  Xanpulo (Recruit)
GodBoxeman  Boxeman (Recruit)
GodSpencer Roberds  Hollow1367 (Recruit)
GodThrill0  The Lipp (Recruit)
GodFeitae  Raetha (Recruit)
GodJuggernuat  Gnome boulder (Intern)
GodRae Lynn  Leuke (Intern)
GodKuraika  Kuraika (Intern)
GodSummanus  Eric The Walker (Intern)
GodPharoah Mot  Tee-i-am (Intern)
GodBluereaperz  Piranaut (Fan)

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