Swamp of Missed Kamikazes

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Geography of Godville
The Swamp of Missed Kamikazes
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The dragons of old come here to tell stories of the heroes they have slain, the treasures they have amassed, or the guard who could not run from them fast enough because he took an arrow to the knee. Once they have recounted their tale, they move into the spiritual realm and leave their bones behind.

There was once a strange legend about the land with rumors of dragon riders known as Kamikazes told of this place, but the tablets that were carved telling that particular tale where broken when a certain unnamed hero threw them down in a fit of drunken rage after having lost his winnings during an intense game of poker.



The Swamp of Missed Kamikazes is a dry, rocky, barren stretch of land. The only vegetation is what remains of a few ancient trees long ago scorched by dragon fire along with the remains of dragons scattered about this wasteland. This swamp is considered dangerous to heroes because of the variety of carnivorous monsters which can be found here munching on the visible dragon bones. This swamp is known to be a favorite for Sun Dogs.


The Swamp is situated between the Eastern Magmatic Plumules and the southern desert near Los Demonos. It was encountered near milestone 116.

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