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{{navbox pets}}
{{navbox pets}}
*Young Sun dogs can be fearful, like normal pups and runaway needing reassuring
*Young Sun dogs can be fearful, like normal pups and runaway needing reassuring
*Loyalty. Young sun dog often get hurt trying to protect owners before having the ability.

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Pets of Godville
Sun Dog
Canis solem
Strong Monster
Class Canine
Habitat Grassy plains
Description Giant dog with a fiery mane
Tame at levels 18–32
Features Unknown

The elusive Sun Dog (Canis solem) is a beautiful purebred mutt and tamable monster.

General Information

It has a glossy coat of the purest yellow and teeth that sparkle like stars whenever it smiles, which is due to the many taunts for sparkling teeth from the local heroes when he was a pup. The difficult childhood has made the Sun Dog a ferocious fighter and a loyal companion, as long as he is kept in his place by constant taunts and you never turn your back on the Sun Dog.

The Sun Dog has been known to suddenly go into the bushes and retrieve items that have been misplaced by others. The Sun Dog is best known for having a venomous and vicious bite. Lesser known fact about them is that the fangs do not develop until later in their life, leaving young Sun Dogs vulnerable to marauding and murderous unicorns, who prey upon Sun Dogs and incorporate the shine of the Sun Dog into their own pelts. Another notable addition is its tail, which is barbed with shards of light, and is used by the Sun Dog by whipping its tail at a monster, causing severe burns and for making it easier for the Sun Dog to bite the monster in question. Its tail is acquired before the Sun Dog's fangs emerge.

It is possible to see little Sun Dogs smile, but it is extremely dangerous, as their mothers are very protective. This image was recovered from a camera found in the woods in a small clearing where there were obvious signs of struggle and a lot of blood on the ground and trees. No blood is shown on the image because it was taken from before the owner of the camera got murdered.

Prior to acquiring fangs, the Sun Dog can rub against the enemy, discharging a powerful burst of static electricity. However, this attack is limited by its long recharging time and its range, and will not work in wet weather. It is very possible for fully grown unicorns to die while trying to attack an young Sun Dog if the static charge is powerful and the weather is exceptionally dry.

The death of a Sun Dog are quite spectacular, but it depends on the size of the dog. A smaller sun dog will simply find a secluded spot, curl up, and draw it's last breath. Large Sun Dogs ,on the other hand, develop several different conditions which ultimately end in a catastrophe. First, as the dog ages, the bowels stop working efficiently, requiring the ingestion of large amounts of fiber in the diet. Second, its memories starts to fade and the Sun Dog can become quite forgetful. This results in the Sun Dog forgetting to eat fiber rich products, resulting in bloating and eventually the dog starts swelling up. Eventually the Sun Dog pops, and the pent up static charge ignites the escaping gasses causing a terrible and violent explosion.

It was long assumed that old Sun Dogs would attack their masters and run away at the end of their lives, due to the large number of Sun Dog owners who died gruesome deaths. In the end this was proven not to be the reality. The first ever tamed Sun Dog, Sonny, worked in the circus, and proved the most extraordinary, living far beyond the typical life span of the breed and reaching a far greater than average size. As age began to ravage Sonny a close watch was kept on him lest he turn on his masters, but he was allowed to continue to perform; he lived for the audience. The day after his 150th birthday (dog years) at a large party in his honor, he exploded while performing, killing over 3000 civilians, heroes/heroines, and children. There were no survivors of the tragic event. Eventually, as heroes were revived by their gods, the story of their horrific demise was pieced together. In modern times most heroes will either end the life of their pet personally, so they can die with dignity or, more often than not, they will simply abandon the poor Sun Dog tied behind a shop of a person who cheated them in life.

On cold winter nights it is quite common to see Sun Dogs and the homeless sleeping together in large huddles. The dogs warm the unfortunate ones, and once the they fall asleep, the dogs attack them and enjoy a warm meal. It is recommended to wear sun glasses when around Sun Dogs to avoid eye damage, and one should never enter a staring contest with a Sun Dog as severe eye damage can occur. Sun screen is also advisable, as well as having the Sun Dog alternate walking on the right side and left side of the hero to provide an even tan.



  • Venomous bite
  • Ferocious fighter
  • Very loyal to their owner
  • Randomly finds items
  • Great to cuddle with on a cold night
  • Static electricity blast
  • Really Brave
  • Often take control of fights or start protecting owners before they know of danger


  • Younger specimens lack fangs
  • The brightness can cause eye damage to others
  • Catastrophic death
  • Electricity charges slowly and doesn't work in wet weather
  • Extremely protective mothers
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  • Young Sun dogs can be fearful, like normal pups and runaway needing reassuring
  • Loyalty. Young sun dog often get hurt trying to protect owners before having the ability.