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Welcome to SummerWiki 2019
Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!
SummerWiki 2019 Final Results are here! Thanks to all those who contributed as writer or reviewer!


Guilds' Pantheon of Wikidness

Guilds' Pantheon of Wikidness
Emblem Guild Partipating Gods Points
Example-simple.png The Ideaboxers Union 12pts
Forsaken Lament Emblem.jpg The Forsakens Lament 12pts
Goonie.jpg The Goonies 12pts
LotP.png Lords of the Pit 12pts
Ni we are.jpg Knights who say Ni 6pts
G2tG.png Guide to the Galaxy 4pts
Nautiwombie.jpg Nautilus 2pts

Gods' Pantheon of Wikidness

Gods' Pantheon of Wikidness
Gods Guild Points Contributions
GodSome atheist (U • C • T)  The Forsakens Lament 12 pts
GodArcanedreamer (U • C • T)  The Goonies 12 pts
GodWardPhoenix (U • C • T)  Lords of the Pit 12pts
GodCham Almighty (U • C • T)  Knights who say Ni 6pts
GodFrapparition (U • C • T)  The Ideaboxers Union 6pts
GodFadedspirit87771 (U • C • T)  The Ideaboxers Union 6pts
GodBeausoleil (U • C • T)  Guide to the Galaxy 4pts
GodS624 (U • C • T)  Nautilus 2pts
SummerWiki 2019
🐟 Monsters🐟 Aquaphobic Fish • Copfish
🐚 Artifacts 🐚 Ark safety checklist • Bottle of demonade • Coy fish • Exotic seashell • Fool's goldfish • Pocketful of sunshine • Shellphone
👙 Equipment 👙 Water balloon launcher
💠 Others 💠 Beasties