Striped Panties

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Striped Panties
Motto: ❥With the Power of Stripes!
Alignment: Bright
Gold Fund: 127 c.u. c.u.
Date Founded: December 10th 2015
Membership Count: 4
Pantheon of unity Rank: 736
Forum Headquarters: Striped Panties
Guild Page: Striped Panties 
Data current as of 15/12/2015



The Guild of "Striped Panties" is a guild dedicated to the worship of all Female Striped underwear.

To Join

To convince your hero to join the worship of Striped Panties you must send this command to your hero.

Join "Striped Panties" guild

For largest chance of success, send the command while your hero is outside of town and is idling. (i.e. not fighting a monster or finding the path). If your hero does not listen, try it again after a minute.


  • Thou shall only wear thy holy striped panties in between the legs and not on thy head
  • Thou shall hark if spoken to by thy holy striped panties god
  • Thou Shall only don striped panties as thy only undergarment
  • Thou shall rescue any maiden in distress wearing thy holy striped panties
  • Thou shall never steal striped panties from another

Guild History

The guild began when one day a hero noticed the prominence of Striped underwear in anime,TV shows and films. The hero thus deducted that to be so prominent they must hold some form of mystical godlike power and thus decided to set out on a quest to create a guild dedicated to their worship. As to weather or not Striped Underwear does indeed hold such power we are yet to know, however, despite this, we can say that they do act awfully well as a cute and reliable undergarment.

Arena Etiquette

As a Striped Pantie Worshipper is our duty to prove ourselves throughout the arena and spread our worship while doing so. To demonstrate, the power that each one of us holds; To show rest of the guilds; What we are truly made of; For we are not your everyday opponent, no we are much worse. We are Striped Pantie Wearers.

Every Wearer is expected to follow a set of rules when finding themselves in either the arena, or in a skirmish.

  • Language: No foul language/Putting down your opponent through VCs. Anger should never be expressed towards an opponent during a battle. If you have a score to settle with someone you should either settle it through a PM or challenging the opposed to a duel.

Knights of Stripes

All active members of the guild will be noted here. If you feel that your name should be here, please contact one of the Guild Officers.

Click Expand To See Active Stripe Wearers

Forum topic

If you have any questions or just simply want to say "Hi!" you can find our Forum below!