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* Dependent on their host
* Dependent on their host
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Monsters of Godville
Stomach Bug
Class Insectoid
Habitat The stomachs of Monsters
Totem for Paramedics ⚜️ 
Description Intestinal Parasite

The Stomach Bug is a feared monster amongst most heroes as the Stomach Bug cannot even be seen with the naked eye.

Description and Behavior

This is an invisible Monster which can only be seen with a microscope, but it can nether-less have its effects be felt by those who drink too heavily and it cannot live outside in the grassy fields of Godville, so they often live internally. Otherwise inhabiting the guts of most monsters, they grew stronger. They flourish and live quite happily there, some species of Stomach-Bug had even built their own microscopic civilizations with their code of conduct with worshipping the 'ground' they crawl on. They tend to become a simplistic type of 'insect' with a telepathic hive-mind unique to their kind. Unfortunately, many monsters underestimate them.

Sometimes, by accident, a Stomach bug may find itself at the mercy of a giant hero who is in the process of cooking and eating a Monster's remains. Stomach Bugs tend to feed on their host's intelligence. Rather than give into fate, the small creatures rejoice at these proceedings and are then transferred to the hapless Hero, who are very confused at their current situation. They absolve it by drinking away their sorrows, this act usually drown any Bugs still remaining in their biological system by this point.

An attack from a Stomach Bug may commonly be recognized through a hero's intense vomiting, dizzinesss, stomach cramps, or general pain. Attacks from high level or multiple Stomach Bugs may also inflict non-stop shivering, a quenching of a hero's thirst for beer (which may be a good thing), and fainting spells. In any case, heroes are suggested to instill the aid of a guild doctor in fighting a Stomach Bug.



  • Toxic touch
  • Intelligent telepathy
  • Cultured 'bacteria'
  • Insect hive-mind
  • Immune to stomach acid (and the usual kind)


  • Dependency on their Queen
  • Usage of the Sea Sickness skill
  • Strong alcohol kills them (Rubbing alcohol optional)
  • Dependent on their host
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