Stifling embrace

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Skills of Godville
Stifling embrace
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

More commonly seen in benevolent hero(ine)s, Stifling embrace consists of the user wrapping their arms and legs around an opponent and squeezing with the incredible force of love. After all, love hurts.

Though often confused for just a hug, this ability grants many tactical advantages other than just dealing damage; the user is able to bind a foe, much like an octopus would, and render them unable to attack, or in other cases, the opponent will stop fighting due to the feelings of acceptance and belonging caused the hero(ine)'s embrace.

Highly skilled users have found they are able to embrace anything with such an immense force, that the object/opponent begins to generates heat within itself. Researchers can't confirm whether the heat is from a massive increase in density of the object/opponent or from the power of the hero(ine)'s love.

Levels effect

Level 1-5: The hero(ine) is able to embrace their opponent with force of that equal to a bear hug. Though not entirely effective at this point, the hero(ine) gains a slight advantage due to the shocking surprise their opponent takes.

Level 6-10: The hero(ine)'s embrace has gained power, and is now strong enough to deal damage to those who refuse to succumb. Able to bind and prevent movement against opponents smaller or of the same size as the user. The hero(ine) will also find that their size-able opponents will no longer laugh at them whilst performing this skill, but rather whimper and whine.

Level 11-15: With the force and power of an actual bear, the hero(ine)'s embrace deals much greater damage and is even able to overcome and bind opponents slightly larger than the hero(ine). At this point, opponents will either end the fight due to feelings caused by the powerful embrace, (be they of pain or of belonging), or suffer the overwhelming pain.

Level 16-20: Few are able to withstand the power of the hero(ine)'s embrace. Most opponents' succumb to the love or scream and suffer as their bones begin to fracture. Unnoticeable, the insides of the opponent begin to heat slightly.

Level 21+: The hero(ine)'s love is able to crush even the most stoutest of objects known to Godville. Massive amounts of heat is generated within the center of the resistant opponent, and cooks them from the inside out.

!Hero's Diary
08:10 PM The execution of my “stifling embrace” skill was so perfectly brutal that 90 percent of the Bear Minimum's surface area is now an exit wound.

!Hero's Diary
10:00 AM Practiced my “stifling embrace” skill by ambushing a wandering master.