Stick Figure

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Monsters of Godville
Stick Figure
Homo baculum
A heroine's drawing of a Stick Figure in her diary[1]
Class 2D human
Habitat The second dimension
Description A monster drawn by humans

The Stick Figure is a monster that comes from the second dimension.

Life of a Stick Figure

It was first known that Stick Figures were made by humans when they leave their drawings behind for a long time. Stick Figures escape the area where they were drawn and go to an unknown place.

With our extensive research, we have discovered that these creatures go to an arena and fight in some kind of tournament at the whims of some kind of god or king. For them, it seems that the only way to escape from this god or king is by death. In the process, they come to our world.

After getting in the 3D world, they try to find their creator in an attempt to erase them for leaving their creations behind.

Fighting Tips

Bring an eraser with you so you can erase them from existence before they erase you.

If you see one of your creations and you aren't ready, it is better to put on a disguise so it won't recognize you.



  • Can slip into thin spaces
  • They are apparently waterproof
  • Uses a very pointy pencil as a sword


  • Erasers
  • Some of them are derp or weirdly drawn
  • Can have a problem with their movement