Stem Cellmate

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Monsters of Godville
Stem Cellmate
Class Micro-organism
Habitat Dark alleys, Abandoned Laboratories
Description Microbial Convict

Stem Cellmate is an amorphous, blob-like monster and is a single-celled organism. It has managed to escape many prisons and commit several atrocities.

General Information

The Stem Cellmate first came to be in a laboratory in Los Adminos. Some scientists decided to grow a stem cell in a petri dish so that it is the size of a small dog, then give it intelligence by extracting knowledge from a brain and giving it to the cell's nucleus. Unfortunately, the brain the scientists used just so happened to be that of a recently executed serial killer, and thus the stem cell killed all of the scientists in the lab.

It has been captured and sent to prison many times, but it escaped every time. And recently, it started replicating through mitosis and now there are many Stem Cellmate duplicates. Heroes have been asked by authorities and gods alike to wipe out the swarm of psychopathic single-celled organisms called the Stem Cellmates. Heroes who encounter one have always found duplicates, since the actual one is in hiding and wears a prison hat. All that is known about the original Stem Cellmate is that it is acting as a leader of its duplicates, who also escape all prisons, and that it is still alive.

It is one of a few types of monsters who isn't allowed to enter the city of Monsterdam, though sometimes it or some of its clones manage to sneak in.

Atrocities Committed

These are a few of the many atrocities committed by the Stem Cellmate or its duplicates:

  • Camping dead heroes until they are revived so they can be killed again.
  • Burning down temples.
  • Destroying marketplaces.
  • Countless murders and assassinations.
  • Stealing ice cream cones from children.
  • Stealing beer from heroes.



  • Amorphous
  • Can squeeze through tight spaces
  • Replicates quickly
  • Duplication means fighting a clone is more common than the actual Stem Cellmate
  • Psychotic mind gives it the IQ of an evil genius


  • Not very strong
  • Limbless
  • Not very durable
  • Being like an evil genius makes it overthink things