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Type: Body
Durability: +39
===Special Effects===
The Steam-powered Exoskeleton is a powerful tool used by heroes looking for a tough, impervious outer skeleton to help keep them out of danger.
It incorporates the latest self-disparaging technology. This feature allows an attacker to use the power of ridicule. It usually renders the attacker helpless with laughter, allowing the hero to finish off most attackers fairly promptly.
Currently, hero's must purchase the raw materials for this item, and then find a free furnace (because they won't pay for much that isn't beer) to forge it in.
See the following quote from a hero's diary:
<blockquote><i>"Buying equipment was getting too mainstream, hence I decided to buy some raw materials for 3412 gold coins  and made my own steam-powered exoskeleton in a nearby furnace."</i></blockquote>
At some distant point in the future, heroes may be able to buy this item directly from a trader, if they haven't already blown their coins at the local <s>pub</s> temple.
[[Image:ThRainBoots.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Boots of Incredible Cuteness]][[Image:ThUnder.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Underpants of Obscurity]]
This equipment can be used on it's own, but it works best when teamed with the Boots of Incredible Cuteness which can be quite hard to stumble upon, and the Underpants of Obscurity which are rarely seen.
These Boots have been known to keep the hero's feet dry when they find themselves in incredibly sticky situations, and while this hardly ever happens, it's useful to know the option is there. The only substance known to be impervious to the cuteness of these boots is quicksand.
The Underpants of Obscurity are best worn under the Exoskeleton for comfort. One notable feature of this garment, is that when they are worn on the outside of the Exoskeleton, there seems to be less chance of heroes having a random encounter with a monster or another hero, or gods, or a date, or any other living thing for that matter.
Scientists are at a loss to explain this unexplainable phenomena, and are attributing it to yet another one of a hero's <s>appalling fashion choices</s> complex mysteries.
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