Starless Knight

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Monsters of Godville
Starless Knight
Starless Knight
Habitat towns only at night that you can’t see stars
Description Unknown

The Starless Knight is a monster.

The origins of this forsaken warrior are forever lost to the deep chasms of endless time. There is no true concrete knowledge known of this adversary, but legend tells of a fearless woman— valiant and honorable beyond compare— who sacrificed status, recognition, and glory for the greater good, in the end becoming damned. Forced to face those she would rather protect.

It is often told that this knight's strength, wisdom, compassion, and loyalty were irreproachable. Another heroine so infallible had never been known before or since and yet she stayed humble all the while. Loyalty, however, would be this champion's downfall. She was betrayed by her own king, who conspired with a powerful sorcerer to make it so the knight was unable to distinguish between friend and foe. She became a scourge on the kingdom, killing any who came into her path. As the story goes, the knight finally decided to approach her Goddess, and asked to be stripped of her heroine status and destroyed, never to be revived again. What she didn't count on, was the sorcerer anticipating this move. When the Goddess granted the knight this final wish, instead of being permanently destroyed, she was forever transformed into a terrible entity indescribable through mere mortal words. On approach, she robs the night of any light. Stars seem to fade from existence as the adventurer who encounters the deadly remnants of this powerful knight are cast into endless darkness. Heroes that manage to face this apparition and live to tell the tale say that she can be killed, but never truly dies.

And yet, even after her noble sacrifice, the sorcerer's curse remains, as she attacks any that cross her.

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