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|latin = Aranea sus
|latin = Aranea sus
|description = Half spider, half pig
|description = Half spider, half pig
|feature = Looting, Rideable
|pet-level-from = 60
|pet-features = Looting, Riding
|strong = yes
|strong = yes
|class = Mammaliarachnid
|class = Mammaliarachnid

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Pets of Godville
Spider Pig
Aranea sus
A rather anti-dogmatic and "lucky" variant of a Spider Pig.
Strong Monster
Class Mammaliarachnid
Description Half spider, half pig
Tame at levels 60–74 (89 with ark)
Features Looting, Riding

The spider pig (aranea sus) is an animal with a rather mysterious history and evolving place in the world. The origins of this animal is unknown, and there are varying theories that typically fall into two rival thoughts. One side suggests the spider pig is the results of nefarious research by a deranged wizard. The intent of the experiments and any other product also vary wildly. The other competing suggestion is the spider pig came into being shortly after a druid discovered a new mushroom. Either way no one has officially claimed its creation (either out of fear of prosecution or sheer embarrassment).


This animal can be found all over with different variations. It can be domesticated (somewhat) and is highly prized for the various goods that can be produced. Its silks are known for being particularly durable with a slight scent of bacon. A current trend in the fashion industry for making undergarments from these silks is currently being reviewed due to a high profile case of enticement related to a well known politician. The meat is delicate and the taste varies depending on the diet. The liver of the animal is slightly poisonous since it is located near the venom glands. Adventurous eaters pay handsomely for exotic dishes made from the livers as prepared by specially trained chefs. A well prepared meal will leave the mouth tingling and the stomach full. Most eateries of this nature require a liability waiver since a liver that has not been extracted carefully can and will kill a diner.

Spider pigs as adventurer’s pets are prized. They have keen senses that help alert to surrounding danger. The spider pig can be trained to assist with combat since they do have venomous fangs and are able to quickly spin entrapping webs. A well trained spider pig can also quickly spin a small hut or sleeping bag, although this should not be attempted without extensive training as many a novice adventurer has been unable to get out.

In the wild the spider pig can be quite a handful. These animals can grow to monstrous size due to their voracious appetites. Depending on the region there may not be sufficient natural predators to keep the population down. Reports of oversized spider pigs have been confirmed with a massive carcass hauled into a town a few years ago. The region of Texassippi allows spider pig hunts from the back of certain flying mount as part of exotic hunting expeditions. Although this industry is thriving, the mortality rate for hunters is quite high (usually from falling).

The spider pig has several helpful skills naturally. These skills can help a spider pig to live a long life in the wild and even longer life if domesticated. A pet spider pig can live up to 48 years. Once a spider pig gets to where they are starting to slow down the owner will traditionally dig a deep pit and line it with river rocks. The pit is then filled with fragrant woods like apple or mesquite. When the spider pig passes a great feast is held to celebrate their life with the honored guest typically being a trained chef.



  • A favorite among jockies
  • Can fly somewhat, unlike other pigs
  • Quite venomous
  • Does whatever a Spider Pig does
  • Gives you bacon


  • Can't swing from a web
  • Truffle-flavored flies
  • Mud may hinder its movement
  • Arachnophobic heroes aren't as fazed
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