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  • | motto = Adaequatio rei et intellectus (When the mind has the same form as reality, we think truth).'t the same reality where she started. Rayna was in another Earth now. One where all men and women were blessed with super powers, whether uncanny int
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  • This is the Godwiki page for Irwin and his hero, Cheesebucket. Because the pantheon of Storytelling is a complete and utter pile of dung, the Chronicles of Cheesebucket will be re-locating here, permanently.
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  • ...Lord77''' enters and lies down, center stage. '''Susan''' begins to stroke the strings, raising her voice in narration.'' Over the seas and far away,
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  • ...ont-size:12.5px; font-weight:bold; background:#000; color:#FFF">Lyonhardt, the White Lion </td><td align=justify>Elias knows enough of the Realm to know that this land is a collection of broken realms. He is also f
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  • it--it would totally change my love life! Yeah right. I forgot to bring the newspaper with me from home this morning, and it was either reread old case ...s is the entertainment district after all. Splitting the world into one or the other doesn’t always work so well in this neighborhood.
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