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  • ==The Browncoats== *The history below is the most accurately proven version.
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  • |description = Ban the foes to oblivion, at bare minimum. ...heroes from the realms forever, until it fell into disrepair after the '''Admin''' of [[Los Adminos]] decided on a new policy of greater leniency which has
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  • ...It lies at the edge of the known world on a small island in the middle of the '''[[Qu'tox Ocean]]'''. In the [[Godville Times]]:
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  • The '''API''' is the ''Application Programming Interface'' where the Godville server provides access to some data about {{gods or goddesses}}, { The API data is available in JSON format:
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  • ...nd.. Our diet exists of small children and large brains(hard to find among the denizens of Godville.), and cookies! ...ou as you wander aimlessly eating monsters that are generally smarter than the random travelers you run across!
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  • Written by: The Goddess: Malise Her Hero: The...male: Claudio Valentine
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  • | founded = 12th September 2010 Reborn: 22nd February, Year of the Hidden Dragon ==The Origins==
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  • {{For|a detailed list of the variables used in the ideabox|Ideabox variables}} [[File:idbox.jpg|thumb|Rare picture of a God submitting an idea in the Ideabox.]]
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  • ===JanuWiki 2019 -- The Greatest GodWiki Content Drive Ever Driven (Yet!)=== ...tures, 17+ players, and 1000s of individual GodWiki edits were involved in the making of this event.
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  • <span style="text-align: center;">{{fake heading|Welcoming the new decade with ''Vision'', ''Time'', ''Hindsight'', and ''Foresight''!|lev :''You can check out previous Godwiki events at the [[JanuWiki 2019]] and [[SummerWiki 2019]] pages.''
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  • all forgotten their towels at home and did not know the answer to life, the universe, and everything was actually 42. ...d matching bionic legs) was '''used with special permission''' provided by the author '''J.S. Tarkowski.'''
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  • ...entries have been linked to the corresponding article, so you can tell by the item's color if a descriptive page exists ({{Fake link|Blue Text}}) or not ...y such corrections may also need to be made in several other places around the Godwiki.
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  • ...cles, [[Tavern]] articles, and [[Monster]] articles. There is more lore in the [[Town]] and [[Template:Navbox territories|Territories]] articles that has ...ference the entities listed here, add book citations attributed to some of the presses, or create entirely new lore entries!
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  • ...;">“N</span>ow, Watson,” said Holmes, as a tall dog-cart dashed up through the gloom, throwing out two golden tunnels of yellow light from its side lanter |author=Sir Author Conan Doyle|cite=The Man with the Twisted Lip (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,&nbsp;#6)}}
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  • ...rea. His destination is the back, one which he seldom has traveled lately, the last time to deliver a gift of contrition. Things have been too hectic in l ...e attempt to prove this to himself ends up causing a collision with one of the inhabitants as he turns a corner.
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  • ...ground apps or open tabs. Still having trouble? Please tell us about it on the '''[[Talk:Omnibus List|talk page]]'''.</p> * 1-for-the-price-of-2 voucher
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  • ...ur money, gentlemen, it’s not as much fun when you don’t have your head in the game. ...b, a rookie to train, a gang of non-Guild child pickpockets to save before the Guild of Thieves takes action.
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