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  • [[File:pullthelever.jpg|thumb|right|Pull the lever!]] [[File:Boat Murdered Wallpaper by scribblepit.jpg|thumb|left|My Donation to the Armok!]]
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  • ...he past and how the game came to be what it is today, so presented here is the entire history of Godville for all to behold. ...902}} is our Day {{date ge|0}} We will only deal with the dating system of the English Godville since that is all we are concerned with.
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  • '''Guild Name''' is the name of a guild. Have you ever looked at the guild list and wondered, "Which guild should I join?"
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  • | pantheon2 = 123 ...generosity and loyalty close to their hearts. And with these values comes the magic of friendship, which lets members know that wherever their journeys t
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  • ...ear}}'''Boss-Monsters''' are [[monsters]] that are a little different from the everyday monsters a hero often encounters. They are a little bit bigger an known that some [[monsters]] may only be encountered as boss-monsters. The minimum health of a boss-monster is about 180 hit points.
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  • ==Who is the traveller?== ...all the gods he meets in Godville. Though he is always changing his looks, the last time he was seen he was wearing a fedora and dark clothing. Of course
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  • =The AFK Directive= No one likes AFKs in dungeons, us included! The AFK Directive is an initiative for templed deities. If:
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