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  • Slay a monster or four, is my arm on the ground? * Wait until your hero(ine) is idling on the road (i.e., not in a town, dueling, in a dungeon, fighting a boss monst
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  •' popcorn castle|Keleios' famed dwelling where she rests perched on her glittery box]] If you are here, you are likely wondering, "What on earth is a [ Keleios]?" Or, "Why do I k
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  • ...{{God|Hairplug4men|temple=1|breeder=1|ark=1|shop=1|pairs=1|extended=yes}} on Day 2050 g.e. as a way for old-timers to remember the achievements of ancie * Gold spent on skill levelup- [ 70823]
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  • ...tion and many other lesser gods rallied behind The First hoping to cash in on charges. It was a tremendous battle and In the end, it was the Blue Fire Bi ...e darkest of times and would be there for them always, need they ever call on to Him, The [[Arctic Firebird]].
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