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  • ...the God Neville’s Haze, the God Shanti’s Super Silver Haze or The God Sam The Skunkmans Skunk No.1. Or whether you are buying the God RezDogs East Co Members of the guild. The Blood and Guts of the organization. Without them the guild would wither before ha
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  • ...tone 87--Missing both arms, half a leg, and sitting in a puddle of her own blood, hero Jen Misty heard a voice from the heavens: "heal heal heal heal heal h [[Anville]]--By day, Sam Jones, 46, is a mild mannered accountant. He sits in an office and counts
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  • ''Blood for Blood and Blow for Blow.'' |''Lord [[Sam Beckett]]''<!--||({{Date ge|9|19|2019}})-->
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  • I think so, yes. Susan answers, inspecting her body for damage No wounds, no blood, no pain. Funny how Leonard’s machines work… Sasha: Oh Pashy, it’s all torn and burnt and…oh Pashy I think that’s blood on it!
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  • a darker grey mask around the eyes, currently splattered with unclotted blood. ...h the very real possibility of losing '''Silvershade'''. Never minding the blood that covers his coat, she hugs him fiercely but carefully, at the verge of
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