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  • ...ay. It is the question many fear the answer to. This paradox is the core of their existence. opposite the line. Was this a comparison of the ceremonies or exile of the "dodo men"? Scholars believe it was a ceremony. A weekly spectacle in
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  • |requirement = One duel during season ...haven't completed their temple yet, while the latter category regroups the one who did.
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  • ...rom weariness. An appropriate place for a forgotten hero to die: this city of grey and neglect. ...spanning a rushing river, massive, stone pillars interspersed with statues of ancient heroes lining the sides. Noticing a slight inscription on the first
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  • ...e reason, its necessary at the time of its manifestation according to some one. War, they say, is a necessary evil. So is attacking heroes. At least, f ...e creature leaves the physical realm; so heroes that successfully slay one of these entities often find no reward.
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  • [[Image:Garden of Eden.jpg|400px|right]], courtesy of [[The Forsakens Lament]] guild! We are able to export many of the divine and forbidden delicacies straight to your table. We hope you enj
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  • Thousands of paintings line the walls of the Grand Hall. Created by the same powers that the guild building and surr Yin and yang of Creation - Twin sisters {{god|Doyunomi}} and {{god|Duainoyu}} came to Forsa
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  • open drive for all GV-related original content for 20 days, and a pool of winners are handsomely rewarded! final placement]. A total of 937 charges were rewarded as well as $150 donated to charity!
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  • | founded = 14th of January, 2018 ...pan style="color:blue" title="...or if you actually want to know: the 28th of March 2020. You could also just look at the page history...">today</span></
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  • Founded by the famous interstellar traveller's known as SG:1 part of one of the longest running Sci-Fi shows to date and famous for their unforgettable ...owing this to return home to what doesn't exist will result in an infinite paradox where you are lost forever and stuck in a never ending time loop as demater
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  • ...players, and 1000s of individual GodWiki edits were involved in the making of this event. === Articles of Note ===
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  • | caption = An artist's rendition of the art tools used to render art of the art tools... ...] deciding any idea <i>must</i> be an idea worth pursuing; the development of this absurd notion tracks wildly and unpredictably once the initial steps h
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