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  • ...[[Monsters]], although there is a plethora of other ways too. When heroes gain enough experience points, their [[level]] increases, and they become more p ...y are most likely to have eaten more starite. More powerful ones also have a lot since they have survived longer and so have ingested more of it.
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  • ...e realm of Godville, the date is not measured from the birth of Christ ('''A.D.''' Anno Domini) but is measured from the day Godville first came online. ''To convert a date into its g.e. equivalent, use {{tlx|ge}} or {{tlx|date ge}} (includes
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  • ...our members to get involved, make friends, participate in the forum, have a tall frosty mug of [ * While we strive to maintain a brightness [[Alignment | alignment]], a few evil aligned members won't make much difference. [[Encouragement | Enco
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  • ...asino pic.jpg|thumb|500 px|right|Our Majestic Gambling Hall is situated in a most beautiful location, nestled on the bank of the [[River Stinks]] just o ...could let someone else watch your [[heroes|hero(ine)]] so you could enjoy a randomized game of chance yourself?
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  • ...keatseria Lodge making the Godville times on Day 781 g.e. (6/28/12) due to a hospital prank which seemed really funny when drunk]] ...truly know the deeper meaning of life in Godville: drinking alcohol! Being a member of our guild means that one has to support the purchase, drinking, a
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  • | Season 1: Jul. - Sep. 2014 || All* || {{god|Raising A Ruckus}} || {{god|SpiralAbyss}} || {{god|Jrif}} | Sr. || {{god|HairPlug4Men}} || {{god|Pikot}} || {{god|Haylie}}
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  • Being military we are a cohesion of good and evil alignment's so anybody is welcome to join us. This is a relaxed environment but we do have a ranking system should there be any problems. The Ranking
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  • * November: The ability to set a special guild rank is unlocked! Fallen Angels is a guild where the wings of heroes and heroines (if they have any) are likely
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  • [[File:Hall of records.jpg||thumb|center|A random hero walking up to the hall]] Hall of records forum thread]. With a large number of witnesses who confirmed the uniqueness of your achievements
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  • ...he is always changing his looks, the last time he was seen he was wearing a fedora and dark clothing. Of course with his signature stick satchel. ...instead of flat like most claim) and mark down everyone that claims to be a god, or goddess for that matter. When he's done, he plans to revisit them a
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  • ...:// Dogess] and [ HP] '''''+1 point''' if the dungeon ended any other way for a hero.''
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  • ...ld you you were the greatest, most talented baby in the world? Then... Get a dog!! * 22 charges for a gain of (minimum) 10 to 19 levels.
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  • Either {{color| navy| | chill as a cucumber}}, or {{color| maroon| | I-will-turn-your-body-inside-out aggressi There has been a little confusion over the spelling of "Nevv", so I'm proud to... not provid
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