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  • "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."{ | monster =
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  • ...en someone leave you a message in the said talk page (see the [[Guideline: God Articles]] to see tips on how to create your user page). ...Hero]] article is also included in [[:Category:Heroes|Heroes]], [[Monsters|Monster]] article - [[:Category:Monsters|Monsters]] etc.
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  • [[File:Voice.jpg|thumb|This is the voice of a very angry god.]] '''Voice of god''', Vox dei - this is the way a [[God|Creator]] can send orders and advice to his [[Hero|Heroes]]. Sending a heav
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  • ...ine}} to examine an artifact by putting its name in quotes in a [[Voice of god]] message, such as: ...acks. Heroes are too lazy to do that on their own, but a proper [[voice of god]] command should give them a much required push :
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  • ...brick purchased in Anville.</ref> and desire to buy one (over which their god has no influence)<ref>The rumor is that the likelihood of gold brick purcha fall from the sky with an [[Voice of god|inscribed message]] from the god;
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  • An '''Encouragement''' is an influence a {{god or goddess}} can perform to lighten up an injured, depressed or otherwise u To encourage a {{hero or heroine}}, a {{god or goddess}} must use the 'Encourage' button on {{his or her}} [[Remote Con
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  •, the {{hero or heroine}} will sometimes see this as a sign from their {{God or Goddess|or=y}}, and may [[pray]] there and then. Punishing your {{hero o ...f used during a battle against another {{hero or heroine}} or monster, a {{God or Goddess}} can punish the opposition, thus ''helping'' your {{hero or her
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  • When all living functions of the [[monster]] or [[{{hero or heroine}}]] have ceased, there's nothing stopping them fro ...- contrary to popular belief - don't get to the afterlife and meet their [[god|maker]]. Instead, their soul hangs about around their corpse waiting for a
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  • Every day, hundreds of {{heroes or heroines}} die from the vicious [[monster]] attacks. Although [[death]] is a sorrowful event, it can be remedied. Th ...yocardial infarction) and if the {{hero or heroine|i=1}} is lucky, their {{god or goddess}} will use powerful anesthetic to make the process less of an an
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  • * '''Monster articles''' should be capitalised '''as they are in diary entries'''. Gener * '''{{Hero or Heroine}}, {{hero or heroine|i=y}}, {{god or goddess}} and {{god or goddess|i=y}} pages''' ''should'' be capitalised as they are in the game
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  • [[Image:monsters.jpg|thumb|center|Old painting of a monster attack.]] ...ategies that often work in favor of a hero are praying extra hard to their God for protection and remembering to wear their equipment into battle, as oppo
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  • ...''? Easy! Just tell your hero/heroine by using the [[Voice of god|Voice Of God]] command, Join the "ELITES" guild or Join "ELITES" guild. Make sure you us *If your hero/heroine is fighting a monster, wait till your hero/heroine has disposed of it.
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  • Their totem monster is an Origami Dragon called Kami Ryu. ...policy, no Godville hero will be denied entrance. The simple utterance in god-voice of "Join Fairy Tail" may cause the hero to begin the mandatory quest
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  • {{monster Unfortunately for them, the group forgot to pray to the mighty god Odin, and they also failed to sacrifice the traditional stuffed goat and Ox
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  • {{monster ...ttacking heroes with gods. A common battle cry is "you don't deserve your god!!" Biting, catfighting, and inappropriate name-calling are also common figh
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  • {{stub|monster}} {{monster
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  • | monster = Knight Who Says Ni ...Sayers, you must bring a shrubbery of suitable size to our guild leader, {{god|VonBlade}}. Be warned, failing to bring a large enough shrubbery will resul
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  • ...lose. This is subjected to the Great Random so sometimes winning a "Smith" monster does not increase the equipment stats. When defeating a [[Special monsters|Special monster]] with a Smith prefix, a piece of equipment can get a point of durability.
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  • ...s is the only way for two gods to communicate. Once an invite is sent, the god is added to your friend list, confirmation is not required. Your hero might meet the other god's hero, get together and smoke or drink, healing some health.
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  • ...heroine|or=1}} reaches '''level 12'''. To join a guild, send a [[Voice of god]] message in this format: '''join the "<Guild Name>" guild''' (this works b ...enroll me in the *guild name* guild|guild joining quest]]). However, if a god does not check on their {{hero or heroine}} for over '''30 days'''<ref>{{Ci
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  • {{his or her}} ark, a bone emoji (🦴) will appear in the name of the monster if it is tameable.<ref> Since February 2021 : {{cite blog|141}}</ref><br> To tame a pet, the {{hero or heroine}} should defeat a tameable monster from the table below.
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