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  • ...always warm and cozy. So if you’re tired, need a rest, advice or just a tasty bun, join us. ...s. Local gods are famously windswept and have narrow eyes due to millennia of squinting to see through the winds.
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  • [[File:TheTalkingSandwich.jpeg|200px|thumb|left|The mascot of the Sandwich Club, The Talking Sandwich]]The Sandwich Club was formed by Di '''The foundation of sandwich club.'''
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  • ...pon this creature. I was lost and decided to climb the tallest tree, as my god was busy or just not answering my prayers for guidance. What to you expect ...ld definitely sell some for a profit! Then I dropped the bag and my supply of rock salt spilled out on to the knob I was standing on. The knob opened an
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  • progress. More will be added soon and hopefully it will look like less of a mess! '''Main body of the guild''' (active in Palringo/forums or otherwise part of the loop)
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  • For more information on the '''Godville Tournament of Champions,''' [ 20:34 Azzula mentioned her knowledge of the “disarming smile” skill. Skulspliter decided to feel worse, just in
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  • For more information on the '''Godville Tournament of Champions,''' [ [ Lucky God Casino] is taking bets on the Round 2 matches.
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  • For more information on the '''Godville Tournament of Champions,''' [ [ Lucky God Casino] is taking bets on the Round 3 matches.
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  • | friend3 = Flight of the Dragon ==A summary of the Infinity Waffles!==
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  • ...uilding their golden temple before their angry God could smite yet another of their clan. ...arted hurling thunderbolts at these hapless knights, furious at their lack of devotion and carelessness.
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  • ==Summer of 2012 Tournament==
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  • {{usergod|High king of undies = Things to be proud of =
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  • ...theon of Storytelling is a complete and utter pile of dung, the Chronicles of Cheesebucket will be re-locating here, permanently. ...e that's a helluva lot easier to do than deal with the uncomfortable parts of wearing spiked leather chaps inside out.
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  • {{god|Eeeeeeagle}} ...nd professionally tossed together then added to the Godwiki. It's gonna be tasty.
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  • | motto = Thinking inside the Box<ref>This motto was suggested by {{god|Jimbob64}} in The Ideaboxers Union motto contest, where it won by a landsli | founded = 25th of June 2015
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  • ...It also preaches against the Careless, passionate whispers of Gods in time of anger, so the words "Never gonna dance again..." are never heard again, eve ...ional choreographers and dance battling trainers will lead you to the path of victory to NEVER be sad... or defeated!
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  • ...o pop out her fourth kid and whose husband talks in grunts--gets a lot out of a novel like this. I’m just not sure it has anything to do with her love ...ould see, even though it was only a distorted silhouette on the other side of the reversed letters spelling “Tiger Investigations,” that it was a wom
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  • [[Image:Garden of Eden.jpg|400px|right]], courtesy of [[The Forsakens Lament]] guild! We are able to export many of the divine and forbidden delicacies straight to your table. We hope you enj
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  • in granaries and sweet cream to steal. They were often seen in company of kings, emperors, and even [[Gods]]. ...iver started to worship them and shower them with adoration, luxuries, and tasty treats. From snack to snack, and '''Fat Cats''' came to be as we now know t
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