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  • ...instantly healed. Then we started our training first day was equal to near death. We looked at the obstacle course, the main thing you had to do was moving ...offered us fruit and I just jumped straight in there, he disappeared in a mist. When we got to the place where souls went, the hall of judgements stood. T
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  • 16 August 2015 {{god|Death Mist}} was voted second leader of Arbitrary!<br>
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  • ...before, I have served you till the last. I fear I fall asleep only to meet death there, and I will not enclose my location so you may not resurrect me, this *Death*
    19 KB (3,233 words) - 07:40, 1 September 2012
  • Day after day, quest after quest, death after death, my life isn’t getting any easier for me. There must be a way to make lif * <span id="Approval">'''05-31-2015 Life's Short, Death's Shorter'''</span>
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  • ...ue, standing before the two gods appears Susan Sto Helit, granddaughter of Death, one hand holding her scythe and an angry look on her face. ...ooking around. “There are multiple modes of magical transportation, son. Death uses the magic of the scythe to do so. It’s refined and quiet…ancient m
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  • * death (no loot) * death (with loot)
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  • ...ess for a millennia, all he had was his guilt and despair, over his hero's death and over an empty existence. Derelict slowly changed, hate entwining his mi ...we are broken only makes us more deadly; we have nothing to lose and only death to gain and only hell to give.
    46 KB (7,766 words) - 10:40, 29 June 2019
  • ...tion as far as the eye could see, which wasn't very far too be honest. The mist faded into thick black smoke, the burnt stalks of flowers charred and smoki ''Not wanting to be responsible for the death of another animal, I chugged the grape soda and rushed into the toxic fumes
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  • ...more than some lying █████ who deserved a punishment worse than death for stealing her money. Many nights ended with Elias holding his tongue an He wakes inside a ruin that is shrouded in a cold, other-worldy mist. Perhaps it was a temple, long since abandoned by either its divine or thei
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  • Then she asked a question that reminded me she was a death goddess. “Have you died yet?” I made a death goddess feel bad? “Hey, I’m sorry! I ah...jeez...I don’t know the who
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  • The saccharine sweet '''Doyunomi''' governs Death while apathetic '''Duainoyu''' oversees Life, an irony to their appearance ==='''Benevolent Death: Suicider Felodese'''===
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  • ** De la Fossey, Lady Dianne. ''Grizzlies in the Mist.'' Unspecifiedistan University Press. Unspecifiedistan, 1982 g.e. -- This i ...ivate book collection slated to be donated to the public on {{his or her}} death. Resources under the care of the Office of the Mayor of Monstro City that h
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