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  • ...and ofcourse "HDumpty". And the most important reason could be that I am a celestial (can fly in vacuum like space, whereas the current leader is weak and when Celestial Bunny
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  • ...bottom: 0; padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0;">The Chronicles of Celestial Bunny [[Esoteric Order of d'Eggon|ESOTERIC ORDER OF D'EGGON]]</p><p>These manuscr ...speech. Esoteria showed no signs of interest in the Great Change that poor Celestial was promising.
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  • ...pure energy and unfathomable power. The shapers of all that we know. These celestial beings roamed the darkness for eons, destroying and consuming all in their ...eed to get into his good books just give him biscuits and he'll be a happy bunny, but if you think can get away with it by giving him cookies he'll give you
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  • ...lle is the seventh daughter of the house of Anarveth, which resides on the celestial plane of El-lueh. Her world is bathed in the warm, rich, golden light of en ...’t be silly, Arivelle, the stars are in the sky and you know that anything celestial is my domain”''''', her sister Nebith declared.
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  • | [[Apocalyptic Bunny]] || || | [[Buzz Bunny]] || ||
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  • * Bunny-shaped bath soap * Chocolate bunny ear
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