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  • '''{{ge|4|8|2016}} g.e., 8 Apr 2016''' • The mysterious and masterful goddess {{god|Mirasa|temple=1|breeder=1|ark=1}} today became our '''very first''' R ...ratitude''' for our general efforts to keep them employed, and one special Goddess in particular. According to the powers that be, '''“It's a good thing peo
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  •, the most plausible answer was found in Godville: the most awesome goddess, [ Keleios]! {{god|Glitch Goddess}} ☠ What's a Keleios?? ☠<br>
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  • ...stay there. Even then, the hero will leave after 28 days of the god being absent.</ref>. In order to stop him, send the godvoice: 'Cancel quest' once a minu variables in the ending (gender variations are ok. e.g {he|she}, {God|||Goddess}). Very important. No rule bending at all for this one.
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  • A familiar tingle of a life about to find its end makes the goddess raise an eyebrow. “Hmm…” ...y she felt the need to look in '''Susan'''’s way in the first place. The goddess doesn’t mind. She knows that '''Saengfai''' earns a living from passing f
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  • ...goddesses puppets her instead. However, this story is surely mere folly. A goddess cannot possess their heroine like a phantom. It is a simple impossibility. It is also rumored that one of her goddesses is not a goddess, but that is entirely unrelated to the previous rumor.
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