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  • *'''Diary''': This section includes diary phrases (written in first person and past tense; must be appropriate for the hero's intelligence). ...These should be descriptions of what has occurred to the hero from a third person point of view, ending in "...")
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  • * Only the highest entry for each person will be listed per pantheon, so no person is listed multiple times in one Pantheon, though they may be listed once in ...{{god|Cross-eyed}} of ''Blue Feather'' || 09:51: Stumbled on a meeting of anonymous heroes sitting in a circle and talking about how long it’s been since the
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  • | [[Attend an Alcoholic Anonymous for Heroes meeting]] || | [[Be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time]] ||
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  • * Anonymous identity card * Anthropomorphic Person
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  • ...there is life existential, and there is mind crushing boredom that makes a person want to throw it all away and become a hero. Or an anti-hero. Or an outrigh Anonymous tips to the Godville Times have suggested the possibility of Keleios suffer
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  • ...a few months and you turn this into a conversion ground for the Alcoholics Anonymous Semi-Famous Alcoholics!” The only person still missing is Nyrini…
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  • ...such a bold man as yourself. Now, if you could dedicate that fight to one person, who would that be?'' '''We'd like to thank our anonymous sponsors''' who will be providing the 1st and 2nd prizes! Thank you for fun
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