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  • '''The Beginning''' ...gods themselves who would spread his teaching, one of which became the god of war, Sparticus Herald.
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  • ...or even ugliness, only upon the quantity of canisters of whoopass you have the ability to unleash. '''Founder and Chief of Butt-Kickingness:''' {{god|Sir Epicness}} and his hero StinkNugget
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  • ...of known '''[[Equipment]]''' in [[Godville]], initially seeded from a scan of over 49k heroes, but has been extensively updated since. ...entries have been linked to the corresponding article, so you can tell by the item's color if a descriptive page exists ({{Fake link|Blue Text}}) or not
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  • ...ground apps or open tabs. Still having trouble? Please tell us about it on the '''[[Talk:Omnibus List|talk page]]'''.</p> {{Main|List of Artifacts}}
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  • Heroes are <s>complete</s> '''idiots'''. They do it for the <s>HERO WINS</s> heroins. 10:34 AM Paid a wise old man 1,457 coins to teach me a new way to annoy my god.
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